The elite wants to deliver you to serfdom

To the editor:

For years you and thousands like you have gone to restaurants, fast food establishments, pot luck dinners, benefit dinners, food stores, buffets and food bars. All with little to no thought of by whom, where or how it was prepared. All while risking the potential abominable actions of an employee of infantile mind and filthiness of actions! You have placed your hands readily on shopping carts, counters, hand rails and eating tables having germs beyond imagination!

We have quickly gone now to holding each other as essentially “deadly!” People veer from one another in suspicion of contamination. Mothers having their child with them held suspect somehow of bringing potential harm to others. Some, holding even their own family members as potential health risks. Children cannot embrace their parents and grandparents! Graduating high school seniors across the country have been cut off without regard from enjoying and experiencing one of the most monumental, meaningful, memorable moments of their lives! Governors have shut down the heartbeats of our economy! The continued suffocation of our economy will bring all of our demise! It will fall like dominos one sector after another!

Prior to the past six to eight weeks we lived our lives relatively without fear. We weren’t living in ignorance of real or potential health risks. We were living life in the face of dangers always existent. Our grandparents and great-grandparents lived in conditions of outhouses and no indoor plumbing. They suffered from many hardships. But they lived and were followed by children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Media spots have promoted the greatness of staying at home, having no work or place to go. They give a sense of utopian wonder! What is not said is that you are in jeopardy of losing your job and ability to pay your bills, electricity, car payment, gas, food, daily needs and medications. But no matter! Look how great it is! Look how much time you have to do what you want! All while one business after another slips towards failure and default right along with you!

Then what is left? The elite is left! They remain with a handful of cash to pick up what you have lost! Now you are dependent totally upon them! You serve the master! You no longer control your destiny, they do! Now it is the utopia of the elite!

Life’s risks, dangers and travesties cannot be held as without concern, caution or preparedness. But to become overwhelmed in fear and paranoia is to relinquish ourselves to a place of death; if not physically, an emotional death, a mental death, a social death and more.

I’m not calling for indifference. But step back, take a breath and seize realism, logic and life! Our society will spiral into decadence if we do not! Trust me! There are those of the “Dark Side” who actually want that to happen! They portray themselves as caring and compassionate. But their goal is to deliver you to serfdom!

Mark E. Guy,

East Palestine


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