Appreciates efforts of Midland District educators

To the editor:

No one was prepared for what has evolved into the COVID-19 pandemic, but the administrators and teachers in the Midland Borough School District were uniquely poised to face the challenges it brought.

They almost instantly altered their educational methods so that learning could continue. Midland is the birthplace of cyber education in Pennsylvania, so it is no wonder why the Midland Elementary and Middle School were so quick and vitally ready to keep children sent out of their classrooms educated on-line. The district has shared, via social media, much of the work the students have accomplished through their virtual lesson plans which has generated pride and emotional support.

Guided by Superintendent Sean Tanner, Midland’s food service staff prepares and delivers three nourishing meals per day so that kids can remain healthy and confident. The school’s staff, cafeteria workers, Principal Brenda Militello, Superintendent Tanner and the engaging forward-thinking faculty should all be celebrated as hometown heroes.

Chris Shovlin.

Brighton Township, PA


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