Proud to be a charter member of the Salem AMVETS Post 45

To the editor:

The Salem AMVETS Post 45 is close to 45 years old. It was started in 1976 by me and my close friend Ford Joseph. We got our membership cards on he same day in late 1976.

We needed 12 members to become a certified post. The two of us walked around Salem to find 10 more veterans to get a charter. Which we did. Recently, Art Schuster, one of the 12, died. He was the last of the 12 charter members. I believe I am the only one of the 12 who is still alive.

Our AMVETS Post 45, here in Salem, is one of the most robust and active in Ohio. I am proud to be one of the two founders of our post. The Salem AMVETS has a proud history of being active in our community. Soon our post will be 45 years old. I certainly miss my co-founder Ford Joseph and the other 10 charter members.

The Salem AMVETS is a vital part of the Salem area and I am still happy to be around. Congratulations to all who have made our Post 45 one of the most dynamic in the state. We have had an array of great commanders and other officers and members. I am proud to be a member of the Salem AMVETS. I have such fond memories of the other charter members and am proud to be one of the founders.

Our charter signed in 1976 by the original 12 of us is hanging in a prominent place in the AMVETS building. Many thanks for all of our supporters.


Proud U.S. Army combat medic veteran,



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