West Branch student praises her excellent teacher

To the editor:

Mrs. (Adrienne) Lesnett is a teacher at West Branch High School and one of the classes she teaches is Honors English 9.

Every year Mrs. Lesnett assigns a charity project to her students, having them choose a non-profit charity and raise as much money as they could for it. However, this year was a bit different. Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, Mrs. Lesnett was sitting at home thinking of ways to revamp the project.

She finally came to a conclusion, giving us various ideas. We learned from it, and she always taught us to be better. To do better. She taught us to do good for the world and causes that were bigger than ourselves. Mrs. Lesnett was an excellent teacher, and we are all sad to see her retire. She was an amazing part of West Branch, and I want that to be known.

Hope McGuire,



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