News stories should include all of the information

To the editor:

Editorials are designed to convey an opinion. What is the goal of the opinion? Hopefully it is to inform the public of one person’s or a group’s view on a current issue. A recently published editorial (letter to the editor), May 12, 2020, said that the president of The United States tells nothing but lies.

I understand the frustration and would offer my opinion on this country being divided with such great anger. View and read from more than one source. For example, this morning, Thursday May 14th, ABC carried a story about a judge denying General Michael Flynn’s case being dismissed by the Department of Justice.

Three times the reporter and anchor George Stephanopoulos stated that Flynn had pled guilty of lying to the FBI and how that can be dismissed. Yesterday on Fox several of the shows revealed evidence that the FBI violated proper procedure in their interview with the general and had threatened charging Flynn’s son with perjury if he did not make the guilty plea. ABC did not report the FBI’s extortion which then would have been a “complete” report.

Unfortunately, our media has abandoned its roll to investigate and then inform without bias. A news story should include all pertinent information about the issue, then on the editorial page provide an opinion on the ramifications of the news. Unfortunately, many news stories only tell a part of the story and drop certain words into the story that can sway public opinion. I had great confidence in AP stories but now have found they shade the majority of their stories. Readers beware and let an informed mind be our guide rather than emotions. And most of all, pray. Pray for guidance from God that all would work together for the betterment of our country.




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