Why is city placating Eurogyro owners?

To the editor:

I am thoroughly confused as to why the Salem City Council continues to placate the owners of the Eurogyro building on State Street and keep allowing the restoration to drag on.

The whole process with approving this business and the use of this building started back in November 2014. My first question to the council is: why wasn’t the condition of the building scrutinized back then? And, why wasn’t it monitored throughout the years following that? What are the city representatives being paid to do? The building is now classified as a threat to passersby (both pedestrian and vehicular). But yet for several years patrons were allowed to sit inside this facility at their own peril? Now there is a structural hazard sitting right in the downtown area requiring obstruction of traffic flow, causing unnecessary delays and congestion.

Why is the city sitting back on its heels allowing this to drag out so long? The owner (and very probably the city) had to have known of the condition of this building, yet did nothing. The city and township will jump all over little minor and trivial items (the low-hanging fruit), yet don’t dare to take on a larger, more complex issue like this, which is affecting the entire city.

This issue needs to placed as a priority, and a firm deadline needs to be established for repairs, or the building needs to be demolished. Salem, wake up! We need proactive representatives to manage the welfare of our city, and right now, we don’t have any.

Kyle Schumacher,



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