A different kind of COVID-19 impact

To the editor:

I know for many people this subject doesn’t cross their mind. But for myself it is on my mind every day.

I watch the US news and the Canadian news to see if their has been any word on the border opening. I live in Lisbon (Guilford Lake) and my fiancee’ lives in Windsor, Ontario which is four hours from here. I haven’t been able to him in person since March 15.

The closing of the border the been extended twice so far. From May to June and then again from June to July. He would drive down here every Friday after work and then drive back to Windsor every Sunday. He did that every weekend for four years.

We facetime and talk a lot but it is not the same as seeing someone that you love. I know right now closing the border is protecting everyone and keeping everyone safe from the COVID-19 virus but it is really hard when you are engaged to someone who you get to only see on the weekend to not seeing them at all. But you get through it and you will come out stronger because of it.



Editor’s note: Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced July 16 that Canadian and U.S. officials will extend the border closure between the two countries until at least August 21, with more extensions possible. The border will continue to be closed to all non-essential travel. Essential travel will continue to be allowed, and includes trade shipments, essential workers and approved temporary foreign workers.


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