Reader: ‘The hoax that is no joke’

To the editor: I’m not sure if I should give this a title or not. Or does this newspaper do that according to who the author is?

This letter is in direct response to the latest from Jack Loesch (Aug. 17). Other than clearing up one “fact” which is that Gov. DeWine’s false positive test was taken only because he was to meet with the president that day, I won’t address the other points made. We could go back and forth on most of it and never agree. But who supplied that test? I don’t know, do you, Jack? It certainly wasn’t his fault. That’s the only “fact” I felt needed clearing up.

This “China Virus” — and I don’t really care what people choose to call it — is actually a “novel” virus. Novel meaning new or not resembling something formerly known or used; not previously identified. This definition is from Merriam-Webster. In other words, this is a virus no one has ever seen or dealt with before. Not the flu, not the Spanish Flu — totally new. So it does stand to reason, even for someone not a “common sense prodigy,” that as time goes on, there have been, and will continue to be, new identifiers, new treatments, new strategies for dealing with and hopefully, preventing more of it.

We don’t yet know what the long-term after effects of this will be. Remember Scarlet Fever? Adults still suffer heart defects from contracting that as children. It will take years to know for sure what harm this is doing to our bodies. Do you want to take that chance with yourself, your parents, your grandchildren? I don’t.

Now, Jack, to answer your question, “Do I know anyone who has had this virus?” Why, yes, I do. Thanks for asking. I currently, as we speak, know of two couples with it. One person in a nursing home and one in and out of the hospital trying to get better. These folks have not been out partying, going to bars, nothing. They don’t know where they got it. I have known a few other people personally who have recovered. These people are all from this immediate area. They are still suffering, in one way or another, months later.

On a much personal note, my parents both had it. They lived in AL at Copeland when they tested positive. Both were transferred to Crandall. Within days, my mom was in ICU. Then on a ventilator for a week. Then in a step down unit for another week trying to recoup from all the drugs she had been given, not to mention the total isolation she was in. My dad, meanwhile, was lucky enough to have a nurse think he “just didn’t seem right,” sent him to the ER, and they found a blood clot in his lung. So he, too, spent a week in ICU. This all happened in June. They are both now recovered, but are still trying to regain stamina and strength, not to mention that they are now separated from each other.

They were separated from my sister and myself for over five months. We can now have periodic visits, outside, 6 feet apart. No hugs. Do I like this? Of course not! But, we are still protecting all the residents at Copeland Oaks. My mom and dad still haven’t been able to see their grandchildren and great-grandchildren. And before you make an assumption that they got it from Copeland or Crandall, no. My mom actually got it from the one outside doctor visit she had at the end of May.

So, Jack, and anyone else out there who thinks this virus is a joke or a hoax or something made up the Democratic party to undermine the president, again NO! I myself, choose to believe actual doctors and scientists who are familiar with infectious diseases, not someone with a grudge against someone else.

This isn’t about me, or you, or any other individual. It’s about all of us. The human race. Just regular folks going to work and church and visiting family now and then. Just minding our own business. Please, everyone, just wear a mask for a while. It’s a minor inconvenience compared to the hell my sister and I went through in June. And we know we’re not alone. Thousands of people have either watched their loved ones suffer or have had to bury someone who couldn’t fight it off. If you haven’t had to experience any of this, be thankful to God and grateful that your friends and family are happy and healthy.

Julie Bell,



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