Resident will not back down from ‘cowards’

To the editor:

The good people of Columbiana County need to hear this. There are a few of us supporting Black Americans with Black Lives Matter signs in our yards.

In response, we are receiving cowardly anonymous letters in the mail that spout right wing conspiracy theory, newspaper articles written by racist conservative columnists and other hateful rhetoric. I have not received any personal threats from these people but my husband, who is European, is feeling violated. He wants me to back off with my support of the movement against racial injustice.

But, I will not let these cowards who will not even identify themselves intimidate me and I hope the others who have been targeted with these letters will not let the hate mongers get the upper hand. Not even after they steal the BLM signs from our front yards.

Black Lives Matter is about cases documented by witnesses with cameras of unarmed Black men being pulled out of their cars and shot dead by police. It’s about young non-threatening Black youth running away who are shot in the back by cops. It’s about Blacks being choked and beaten to death by officers of the law.

BLM is not an “organization of terrorists who loot and burn our cities”: A ridiculous lie. That night time mob you hear about on TV is the criminal element that has hijacked the BLM movement for their own unlawful activity. They are organized criminals, not regular citizens.

My Black Lives Matter sign, the one that was stolen, had a red heart on it. That heart stands for an alliance being formed by white Americans who see through the hate mongering and who wholly reject those conspiracy theories. To those who are sending us hateful mail: If the ideology that you embrace — and that mean-spirited literature that you send us — is all about the dark side of humanity and you believe those bogus claims of evil intent by our Black citizens, sorry, you are being duped. So, stop trying to feed us your lies and hateful racist rhetoric because you are just wasting your time. And, by-the-way, stealing anything from my front yard is a crime.

Barbara Farrand,



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