She doesn’t mask her feelings about face coverings

To the editor:

First of all, a mask is a medical device. Only those with a license to practice medicine should be advising others to wear a mask. (As an aside, only those with a medical license should be doing a body temperature exam and asking you questions about your health. And, both must be done in a private setting.)

Furthermore, world and national health spokesmen always caution that cloth masks give a false sense of security because they do not protect from getting COVID-19 nor do cloth masks prevent the spread of COVID-19 because virus microbes are so small that they travel in and out of cloth masks.

Restaurant workers and health care workers wear masks and are testing positive in large numbers for COVID-19. Either the tests are false or the masks are not protecting. To claim that a cloth mask is protective is medical malpractice. As for cloth masks capturing the droplets from coughs and sneezes, tissues and handkerchiefs are just as effective and do not cause the dangerous side effects associated with wearing a mask.

Some possible side effects of wearing a mask are: moisture buildup from exhalation becomes a hotbed for bacteria and fungus, a rash, acne, inadvertently a mask may draw you closer during conversations to gain hearing, interference with sight, shortness of breath, headaches, dry mouth, tooth decay, gum disease, chronic dermatitis resulting in scaring, cripple immune system due to less oxygen, skin wrinkles, inhaling microfibers from the mask causing inflammatory respiratory conditions (especially with repeated washings), stress, heart attacks, strokes, anxiety, anger, and the spread of infections from touching and tossing the mask onto tabletops and other surfaces.

Health experts are now reporting that significant exposure to COVID-19 is when a person spends more than 15 minutes within 6 feet of an infected person. And, chances of being in contact with an infected person is rare since most people stay home when ill.

So, why is Governor DeWine and county health department employees mandating that businesses order their customers to wear masks? Shoppers do not spend 15 minutes with other shoppers. They pass by one another while shopping. People eating in restaurants do not spend 15 minutes with a server nor talk to acquaintances for any length of time. So, why are folks having to wear a mask when a cloth mask does not protect from virus microbes?

Why are masks being required to be worn in school stadiums? Governor DeWine’s health “experts” report that being outside is good. Attendees pass by one another on entering and exiting a stadium. They do not spend 15 minutes with one another. It is cruel to order parents to hide their faces from their children.

If school personnel members are going to make students wear masks — Gov. DeWine stated at his Aug. 11 press conference that it is up to school principals and teachers whether a student is required to wear a mask while honoring the student’s individual rights and privacy –then parents must be issued a disclaimer that a cloth mask does not really protect their child from COVID-19 and a list of possible side effects of wearing a cloth mask must accompany the disclaimer. And, parents need to be made aware that it is their responsibility to protect their child’s medical rights and privacy that are outlined in the American Disabilities Act and HIPPA laws.

Making students wear masks is pointless. Children have only mild or no symptoms if they get COVID-19. Let them be children. They have only one childhood to enjoy. Let their beautiful little faces show. And, to suggest that children can kill Grandma is emotional cruelty.

Gov. DeWine and health department employees, many having no license to practice medicine, should be giving only one directive . . . . seek medical advice and care from your doctor. Doctors worth their salt will tell you the truth about wearing a cloth mask.

Loretta Price,



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