Thanks for making ’Hidden Gems of Salem’ a big succes

To the editor:

Dear Friends of Salem: It only happens once in a decade! 2020 was the year for this grand decennial happening.

We really appreciate all you have done to make our Oct. 10 “Hidden Gems of Salem” carriage house tour a fantastic success! This project took a lot of effort from everyone involved to make it click. Whether you let us use your carriage house, featured us in print, online, on TV, donated your artistic talents or volunteered to be a tour guide/docent for a day, YOU made it happen!

Hundreds of tour participants vehicles kept our Grande South Lincoln Avenue parked to capacity all day long! Salem, Ohio was rediscovered by visitors from the greater five-county area and beyond! It truly was an exhilarating day for all those who took part in learning a lot about Salem’s industrial heritage and participation in the anti-slavery, abolitionist movements. Please stay tuned for more preservation happenings from Salem Preservation. For more information, visit www.salempreservationsociety.org or facebook.com/salempreservation.

Yours for a better Salem,

David K. Schwartz,


Salem Preservation


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