Let’s try some random acts of kindness

To the editor:

“Step out and find out.” In these trying times we find ourselves living in, what we all need is a good dose of hope. God created us to need other people.

Even though we all are different, we complete each other when we celebrate life together. His love through us can heal others. Love comes from God, is received by us and flows back through us to others. We should be focused on what we can do for others. Think of someone you can bless and then go do it. The less time we spend focused on ourselves, the happier we will be. One of our goals should be asking how today can I be available to help others?

On the news we have seen reported a lot of “random acts of violence.” What about showing more random acts of kindness? Simple things we can do for each other all year long, not just during the Christmas season. Get your mind off yourself and on doing things for others. We should focus more on giving than getting, and as we do , we will be happier. Let’s defeat random acts of violence with more random acts of kindness.

Bob Shilling,



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