Wasn’t too impressed with her teacher

To the editor:

This letter is in response to Dr. Walter Dombroski in his letter to the editor printed Dec. 23 on his question whether American government and history is now being taught to high school students.

I graduated from Salem High School, class of 1959.

This is the way the teacher taught the class I was a student in:

Teacher: “Open book and quietly read chapter XX. Time is up!”

Teacher: “Print answers to questions at ‘end of chapter’ on paper. Time is up!”

Teacher: “Pass the paper to the person behind you and grade on correct answers. Time is up!”

Teacher: “Pass the papers to the front and give them to me.”

Teacher: “See you tomorrow!”

What did the teacher do during all this time? He silently sat reading some other book. We as students did not know any difference in teaching methods. So we taught ourselves, as we grew older, in learning the history and government of the United States of America.

I sincerely hope students learn more in today’s classrooms.




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