Bravo to Columbiana County Health District

To the editor:

I felt compelled today to share a brief note about my experiences with the Columbiana County Fairground Covid-19 drive-through vaccination clinic as managed, run and staffed by our County Health Department.

After a few tries on Monday afternoon (Feb. 1) I soon got through and was quickly able to make a reservation for the Friday (Feb. 5) vaccination clinic. I arrived at the fairground main entrance about 1 p.m., was given a clipboard with a short set of questions, and drove the clearly marked and winding road up toward the purpose-built vaccination structure where there were about 30 cars in line. I was quickly greeted at the car and my reservation confirmed.

While idling in line I had time to complete the questionnaire as we eased forward 10 or so cars at a time. After a reasonable wait I was directed into a heated structure where we turned off our cars and waited for our turn, arms bared. My clipboard was collected and in a few minutes I was approached, told what would happen and given the vaccination all as I sat in my car. I was struck by the care and friendliness of the staffer who made me feel like I was the first person she had greeted and cared for that day despite the number likely being quite the contrary.

When our group was all done and each of us had our vaccination card, we drove out to a staging area to wait about 15 minutes to monitor for any potential adverse reactions. During that time, I was greeted for at least the fourth time and given information about the vaccination and a reservation card for the second dose scheduled 28 days later as well as a few “parting gifts.” All being well, we left shortly via clearly marked exits.

Upon conclusion, my overwhelming impression was that a process that I went into with some amount of trepidation on various fronts was in actuality the veritable piece-of-cake. Every question that I had at the time I made the reservation, and from when I arrived at the fairground gate until I left was answered by someone before I even had a chance to ask. That and the fact that everyone in the process I met was extremely courteous, professional and personable, despite many being stationed outside standing in snow in a cold wind.

I suspect much of what these dedicated County Health Department professionals did pre-pandemic flew well under most people’s radar but on Friday I had a brief glimpse into their mission and contributions to the community as evidenced by an efficient and approachable vaccination clinic.

Bravo to all and many thanks!

Bryan Fuller,



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