Writes in support of Salem Acres

To the editor:

I have lived on the west side of town on Prospect Street since 1996. We enjoy our quiet 5-acre property in Perry Township. To the left of our property, our neighbors are some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. These families take pride that they have lived in their homes for generations. To the right of our property is Salem Acres, a housing development recently in the news.

Over the last 25 years, we never have had an issue with our neighbor, Salem Acres. Nothing to report in 25 years! Mainly we see residents walking down Prospect Street to go to the store at the bottom of the hill. In the summer, I hear the children playing and in winter the parents huddle to keep their kids warm until the school bus arrives. I know residents who have raised their children and lived for over 30 years in that development.

I felt compelled to write this to give another perspective on Salem Acres. There are many residents of Salem Acres who are good people who love their children. They could benefit from our community’s support rather than having this recent event become a black mark on Salem Acres as a whole.

My hope is the management of Salem Acres will take immediate action and a zero-tolerance policy towards the bad apples who pose a threat to the safety of the others. As frightening as last week’s events were, it was lucky no one was injured. However, we should all be shaken up as this could have happened anywhere. Please, let’s all try to do our part to support our neighbors, no matter what side of town we may call home.




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