Upset with city’s removal of spring cleanup

To the editor:

I am upset about discontinuing spring cleanup after an early two-day pick-up in March. We have had both spring and fall cleanups for years. There is debris from leaves, branches, house gutters, dead bushes, etc. that have come down this spring once winter was over. And in spring there are rains and high winds that cause debris this time of

year along with winter cleanup. We need our spring cleanup that we always have had.

The new service/safety director and council are removing a necessary service. Aren’t the Salem residents (taxpayers) entitled to this service?

Now we hear you are considering having one company collect the trash in Salem. The citizens voted in an e-poll that they wanted to keep the trash company that they have. Does it matter how the Salem residents feel about what the government is doing in our city?

Not everyone in Salem can afford to have lawn and cleanup in the spring and fall. Also not everyone subscribes to the Salem News. The residents don’t know what the heads of the city departments and council decide to do to our city.

What is the next thing up your sleeve? We need the spring and fall cleanups.




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