South Range BOE member responds

To the editor:

Unfortunately, I missed the May 17 (South Range BOE) meeting, as I was out of town for work. I did watch the video, and some comments were made by Board President Wince that concern me.

He threatened to ban a resident from speaking at board meetings for the rest of his tenure as president. That is very worrying. The last time I read the Constitution, it still included freedom of speech. This isn’t China – we’re allowed to criticize our public officials.

Over the past few years, under the previous board president, we were trending in a much more transparent direction. I fear that Mr. Wince may bring back the shroud.

I ran to defend free speech and fight for transparency so that parents could better collaborate with the board to improve our students’ education. I understand the use for time limits, and it makes sense to keep them. But to ban a resident from speaking? I thought this was America.”

Taylor Christian,

South Range School Board member


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