Disgusted with recent editorial

To the editor:

When reading the Our Side column in the June 26-27 weekend edition headlined “Employers should be allowed to run their own businesses,” I was disgusted. I have heard this debate over requiring the vaccine so it wasn’t completely surprising. But let us face facts people: requiring vaccines is far from new.

Back when I was a child we had to have certain vaccines before we could start school. This was not to be mean. It was that if the virus was allowed in the school it would spread and cause a new outbreak.

Otherwise such diseases as measles, small pox, polio and others would have killed many more children. If it can be required for kids to be vaccinated then there is no logical reason why employees cannot be required to be vaccinated.

Any passed legislation should work to the exact opposite effect than what state politicians are trying to push. Maybe they just do not care about the health of our citizens. When healthcare experts are even speaking out against this legislation you should be intelligent to know this is wrong.

It should be no secret that businesses have to pass health and safety inspections. What would they say if they came into a factory and found powerful machines with no safety guards or construction crews not be required to wear helmets or doctors not being required to wear gloves? They could easily be shut down as it is the job of business managers to look out for the safety of their employees. Yes, I know that a high percentage of citizens are now fully vaccinated and cases are going down. But a far more dangerous variant of COVID is already hitting America.

While the fully vaccinated are over 95 percent protected from the original strand, I understand we are only about 75 percent protected from the variant. Even if no one else dies from COVID what about the next pandemic to hit us? You know there will be one. If elected politicians are not out to protect the public then they do not belong in politics.



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