Community cooperation blooms in Salem

To the editor:

August 11th was a beautiful day in Salem. It was a perfect day for the Salem Preservation Summer Garden Tour. All hands were on deck to make the 10-stop citywide event move along as smooth a silk. A lot of planning and coordination was necessary by all those involved in this event.

Nine beautiful gardens were selected to participate and open their properties to the public by the tour committee. The owners of the gardens were solicited to participate. The gardens on the tour represented many different styles of gardens from beautiful privately owned home gardens, to well kept gardens at several museums, public buildings and even pollinator gardens in a city park.

Special recognition goes to those participants who spent many hours of their time pruning, clipping, cutting and shaping their gardens so they would be picture perfect for the hundreds of hoped-for-tour participants. Not only did they care for their gardens, but washed, cleaned and even painted their properties to make an extra special impression on the folks who were coming from near and far.

People like Marge and Phil Greenisen, Tara and Todd Peters, Bob and Linda Sebo, Chris and Eva Davis, Dave and Kathy Gano and Dr. Gregg Courtad all spent extra time to make the tour a success! The Salem Federation of Women’s Clubs Smucker House, The Salem Historical Society, Burchfield Homestead Society and the Waterworth Memorial Park Pollinator Garden are always available to the public. The volunteers at these gardens took extra care to make their public gardens glow.

Beyond the gardens themselves massive amounts of coordination was needed on many levels. Promotion of the event in newspapers, TV and social media all had to mesh together. Salem Preservation’s media partners did an outstanding job of helping us publicize the event. Because of this many thousands of of people in a 60-mile radius of Salem heard about our event. We did have several hundred people from as far away as Lorain participate in the tour.

All this could not have happened without our stellar committee! The committee members were Gregg Courtad, Tara Peters, Karen Lehwald Carter and chair, Ginger Grilli. Special thanks goes out to the committee members who were on call at anytime to research, run or just step in when called upon.

It truly was a glorious day of community cooperation.

David K. Schwartz,

President, Salem Preservation


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