Reacts to recent letter to the editor

To the editor:

Rarely have I encountered a letter to the editor dripping with such venom as in the Monday, Sept. 20 edition. For the record, I did not know Tim Novak and I have been vaccinated. However, I hold no malice toward people who choose not to take the vaccine. Can you blame them?

In March 2020, we were told not to wear a mask. A few months later, we’re told a mask then two masks. We were told to get the vaccine so we don’t have to wear masks. Now we need to go back to wearing masks even if we are vaccinated.

Initially, we were told the vaccine would prevent us from getting the disease. Now they tell us we can still get the disease and even spread it with having been vaccinated. How does that fit with your lacking the ability to harm anyone, Ms. Wootten?

People are pouring across the southern border. They could be carrying any number of diseases including COVID 19. Our government does not seem concerned with that at all. Just lawful, gainfully-employed citizens of the United States should be targeted with mandates.

This letter was a prime example of someone wanting to demonstrate their moral superiority and combine it with some type of condemnation for anyone who would dare question the word of the “experts.” “They chose not to be vaccinated. Let them choose to die, too.” Your righteousness is simply breathtaking.




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