A message from city’s new public health commissioner

It is an honor to be appointed commissioner of public health for the City of Salem. As the Director of Nursing, which is a position I will retain, I will continue to care for the residents of the city. As commissioner, I will serve the city to the best of my ability. As the Director of Nursing, transitioning into this position it is a little easier knowing the operations of the district.

At the height of Covid19, Lynle Hayes did an amazing job protecting the public and I plan to continue her efforts. It is a time of concern and unprecedented change. Challenges abound all around us individually, as families, teams, organizations, and as a society. At work, we are faced with teammates being sickened, unavailable, or working separately. The products and services we provide and the ways in which we provide them are changing, demand has dramatically changed (up or down), and shortages of resources are wide spread.

Working with a newly appointed Medical Director, Dr. Rousher, we will meet the needs of the community head on. Covid19 is new to all of us. We will learn everything we can about it. We will follow the directives of our governor, Mike DeWine and Dr. Amy Acton and we will overcome.

This is a time, when we need to reach out to each other and to God. Pray that He will spare our nation, our state, our community, our county and our city from this horrible virus. This is a time for kindness and caring. Our workers in the stores are tirelessly stocking shelves, medical staff are working in hospitals and clinics doing the best they can to deliver the best care. Firefighters, police officers and first responders are working in the city, out in the public and going home to a family, not really knowing what they have come in contact with.

Today is the day for kindness, compassion and caring. We are all in this together. May God bless us all in the weeks and months to come.

Stay safe, stay healthy stay home. God bless you


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