GUEST COLUMN: To the Polls Ye Sons of Freedom

America is under assault like never before by left wing elements in and out of Congress, aided and abetted by an ultra left national media, that wish to undermine our Constitution, obliterate our Judeo-Christian culture, and thrust upon us a Socialist lock down of our economy. Donald Trump alone stands in the way of this existential threat to our republic.

These left wing elements are also targeting supreme court races across the nation in the hopes of garnering control of the coming nationwide remapping of congressional districts. Ohio Supreme Court Justices Sharon Kennedy and Judi French alone can stop this assault and liberal takeover of Ohio’s high court.

At the county level, we have Rep Tim Ginter defending his seat with an impeccable record with which to do so. Jim Armeni’s bid for county recorder and Roy Paparodis’ bid for county commissioner speak to the need for experience and competence in these important public offices.

Bryan Blakeman’s bid for county treasurer is largely about the more than $18 million in delinquent county property taxes that have been left to just languish by the current county treasurer and county prosecutor. In East Liverpool alone almost 1/3 of all of the property taxes in that city are delinquent. Do we really have anything to lose by just giving fresh, new leadership a try at the treasurer’s office?

Last but far from least we have a county prosecutor’s race that has been marred by one after another headline news story that draws into question not only the competence and ability, but the fitness of the Democrat candidate for this very important office.

First there was John Gamble’s flawed appointment to the ballot – caught on Election Board surveillance cameras signing his appointment form after normal business hours; filing a form not properly time stamped with the Election Board’s electronic indicia; allowing his appointment form to be not properly notarized, and more.

It took six hours of testimony, at which the key Democrat witness refused to show, for a decision to be finally rendered on Gamble’s candidacy. Rather than face a protracted and costly legal challenge, a reluctant Board came together and granted Gamble ballot access. We erred, frankly, in his favor.

Then came the headline news that Gamble had solicited civil service police officers to appear in photographs with him as part of a campaign ad. He was charged with violating the Hatch Act only after first being given a friendly warning by the Attorney General of Ohio, whom he publicly mocked and disparaged. Gamble knew better.

Subsequent to this we learn in another headline news story of a grieving family’s charge that Gamble had divulged private, sensitive details of a confidential autopsy report at a bar, at 2:30 in the afternoon, on a weekday — details about which the family itself had not even been informed. Rather than just apologize, Gamble callously exclaimed: “this was all public record.” How disgraceful.

We are just now learning of an official appearing letter from the county prosecutor himself, addressed to former grand jurors of the county, urging them to support Gamble for prosecutor. The disclaimer reads merely: “not printed at public expense,” No “politics” at the prosecutor’s office? Hogwash.

Meanwhile, this county’s unsolved and unprosecuted homicides has grown so atrocious that families of many of these homicide victims have established their own website to draw attention unprosecuted and hope … to the prospect that somebody might some day do something about this.

Well the only “somebody” that has publicly pledged to do anything about this is the Republican nominee for prosecutor, Vito Abruzzino. He is not from Mahoning County and never has been. He resides with his wife and family in Salem.

And while I am setting the record straight, Vito has more prosecutorial experience and more litigation experience than any first time candidate to seek this office in fifty years – far more than Bob Herron and more than David Tobin when they first ran for prosecutor.

So as the American revolutionary battle cry of our Founding Fathers went : “To the Polls Ye Sons of Freedom.” No truer battle cry than this could be uttered today as we face the most existential election of our lives.


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