Recovery: What it means to those most affected

Today, I hope you all have had a very nice Christmas Day and your family and friends remembered their masks and socially distanced around your Christmas Tree. I chose to look at my closing statement from a year ago, and obviously forecasted the wrong future when I stated:

“wishing you and your loved ones a very happy and healthy new year.”

We can’t turn on the news, radio, newspapers and other forms of communication where we are not getting an onslaught of negative numbers. The numbers and the forecast for the next few months appear to be most disconcerting to all of us.

Therefore, I thought I would share with you some of the many positive numbers we are seeing here at the Family Recovery Center. What do the numbers 3906, 3902, 3354, 2786 mean in the world of recovery? They are actually the number of days that clients have been clean and sober since they sought help from this agency. To most of our clients, the counting of days, weeks, months and even years into recovery are successes they may not have ever attained in previous times in their life.

I have asked many of these same individuals to tell us what recovery means to them. Some of their statements are as follows:

“I have benefitted a lot from recovery. It took a few months to find myself and find what works for me. The past few months, I have been rewarded heavily for being sober. I now have a really good job, a vehicle and money in the bank. I also have earned back trust and respect from my family and friends.”

“Living a life without unhealthy people and places. It means I can feel.”

“My family is everything to me and it wasn’t always the case. Now my family is starting to trust me.”

“I’m alive because of the treatment at the Center. Recovery for me is that I have my life given back to me”

“During my path in recovery, things in my life have really improved and I finally like myself again….It’s nice to feel successful and to have nice things and live a good life.”

“My recovery means to me not having to wait by the phone for a call, not spending all my money on a high, and it also means I am not looked upon like a speed freak or a loafer, a problem to society. I can hold my head up and be proud of who I am.”

“Recovery means I am happy.”

“Some of the rewards I have noticed are dealing with family and friends relationships.”

The staff is concerned that there are many out there who need to hear these words from the many who come in for services. The Center remains open during these difficult times. Help us spread the word, and do know that Recovery does work. It’s not always easy, but we are here to help. I speak for all here at the Center when we say “thank you” for your continuing support and have a blessed, safe and healthy 2021.


Addiction has not address, but Family Recovery Center does. For more information about the education, prevention and treatment programs for substance abuse and related behavioral issues, contact the agency at 964 N. Market St., Lisbon; phone 330-424-1468; or email info@familyrecovery.org. Visit the website at www.familyrecovery.org. Family Recovery Center is funded, in part, by Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services.


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