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Entitilement fraud steals from taxpayers

April 16, 2016 Many people think of “entitlement” programs as federal government responsibilities. more »»

Kasich’s college plan worth consideration

April 15, 2016 For young people, few issues are as interesting and important as finding ways to make college education affordable. Ohio Go. more »»


April 15, 2016 In a 3-2 vote last week, the Federal Communications Commission voted to allow an estimated 40 million Americans on food stamps, Medicaid, and other federal assistance to register for subsidies to pu... more »»

Destructive threat of cyberwarfare

April 15, 2016 There is a consensus that aggression by one nation against another is a serious matter, but there is no comparable consensus about what constitutes aggression. more »»

Early American dream house

April 15, 2016 They demand granite countertops. We don't. They abhor 20-year-old kitchen cabinets. We don't notice they're 20 years old. They want his-and-her vanities in the master bath. more »»

A quiet speech, quietly delivered

April 14, 2016 Gov. John Kasich took a few hours off the presidential campaign trail to deliver a pretty standard, for him, State of the State of Ohio address on the road in Marietta last week. more »»

Kasich right to urge tax reform in Ohio

April 13, 2016 Every dollar Ohioans have to send to local, state or federal government in taxes is a dollar they cannot use to improve their lives or those of their children. more »»

Demanding mines be managed safely

April 12, 2016 What ex-Massey Energy CEO?Don Blankenship said Wednesday, after being sentenced to a year in prison for his part in an explosion that killed 29 coal miners was a disturbing wake-up call concerning... more »»

Better warnings at rail crossings may save lives

April 11, 2016 Last week’s crash of an Amtrak train near Philadelphia brought to 20 the number of serious railroad accidents in the United States during the past year. more »»

The impact of a minimum wage at $15

April 10, 2016 How would you feel if, as you were about to pay for some bread and milk at the grocery store, the cashier stopped and said, "I'm going to have to add some to your bill. more »»

Kasich is right to remain in the race

April 9, 2016 In perhaps a demonstration of how ill-prepared Donald Trump would be to handle the realities and inner workings of politics on a national (let alone international) stage, he threw a tantrum last... more »»

Law officials will be keeping an eye out for distracted drivers

April 8, 2016 Here are some stark numbers that should catch your eye. That is unless your eye is on, say, a handheld mobile device. While you are driving. Which for many happens way too often. more »»

Keep politics out of Clinton probe

April 6, 2016 Politics rules everything in Washington, even at the top levels of the Justice Department. more »»

So, taxing tampons is not politically correct?

April 5, 2016 A lawsuit has been filed in the Ohio Court of Claims, demanding the state stop collecting sales taxes on feminine hygiene products because such action allegedly discriminates against women. more »»

U.S. lacks strategy to defeat cyber terrorism

April 4, 2016 Cyber terrorism — for profit, not twisted ideology —has become a clear and present danger to Americans. If there is a cohesive strategy to defeat it, it is not working. more »»


April 3, 2016 Roses for a fresh major league baseball season. Even if it will begin —in Cleveland and Pittsburgh for sure —in cold weather with at least a tease threat of snow. more »»


April 3, 2016 Roses for a fresh major league baseball season. Even if it will begin —in Cleveland and Pittsburgh for sure —in cold weather with at least a tease threat of snow. more »»

Obama on court: Usual hypocrisy

April 1, 2016 President Barack Obama warned last week that Republican senators risk damaging the Supreme Court nomination process “beyond repair” if they continue to reject action on his nominee for the high court. more »»

Ohio’s state payroll creeping up again

March 31, 2016 Despite the often sincere efforts of legislators and governors to curb growth in government, state bureaucracies have a way of creeping up on taxpayers. So it appears to have been in Ohio. When Gov. more »»

U.S. cyber security is an ongoing concern

March 30, 2016 A bout four times a week, on average, hackers gain access to information in the federal website, the Government Accountability Office revealed this week. more »»



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