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Salt prices have us over winter barrel

September 9, 2014 Salt — plain old sodium chloride — is the key to a critical public service on which area residents depend during the winter months. more »»


September 7, 2014 Thorns to cyber cowards. Specifically those who hide behind the anonymity provided by the gossip/innuendo/rumor dump sites readily available online. We have our share around here, one in particular. more »»

Lawmakers seek decisive action on Islamic State threat

September 5, 2014 Comments Sunday by members of Congress familiar with the threat of terrorism should set off alarm bells in the heads of thoughtful Americans. more »»

Congress must step up to protect Constitution

September 4, 2014 Our nation’s founders disagreed on a multitude of issues about how to govern the United States. But on one thing they put their partisanship aside for the good of future Americans. more »»

Prevent terrorists trom marketing oil

September 3, 2014 Islamic State terrorists are a greater threat than al-Qaida ever was. That is because they possess several advantages al-Qaida never enjoyed. more »»

Obama’s response remains troubling

September 2, 2014 There was a contrast of style in the presidency that was on clear display during the past several days. President Obama, when suspected traitor Bowe Bergdhal was released after the U.S. more »»

Healthier food in schools will benefit our students

September 1, 2014 While some students may miss having french fries that are actually fried and not baked, we think the changes being made to school meals and snacks locally and nationwide are to be commende. more »»

Candidates facing some real issues

August 31, 2014 At least the Ohio Democrats are sending candidates up to run for statewide office with questionable incidents readily revealed during the campaign, instead of coming to light late. more »»

But did Phoenix vets die too soon?

August 30, 2014 It will come as no surprise to those who watch the government closely that the Department of Veterans Affairs has concluded it was not responsible for the deaths of veterans kept waiting for care at... more »»

Terrorist should have reasons to fear U.S.

August 29, 2014 After American journalist James Foley was murdered by Islamic State terrorists several days ago, there was concern about another U.S. reporter taken hostage about two years ago. more »»

Legislators should keep Common Core standards

August 28, 2014 The Ohio General Assembly should not repeal the Common Core educational standards it adopted in 2010. more »»

Food stamp work rule nothing to do with race, just jobs

August 27, 2014 Ohio was in hot water with federal officials a few years ago, for failing to enforce so-called “work requirements” for people seeking food stamps. more »»

Keeping Americans out of terrorist ranks

August 26, 2014 Americans have gone abroad on their own to fight for many causes during our nation's history. more »»

Hamas responsible for deaths in Gaza

August 25, 2014 Negotiators from Israel and the Hamas terrorist group that controls Gaza met under Egyptian sponsorship last week, in an attempt to end fighting between the two. more »»

Understand what ALS really is

August 24, 2014 We're concerned many of the people participating in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge may not understand the disease it's meant to help. more »»

GUEST COLUMN: On the road in Ohio

August 23, 2014 Over the last few weeks, I have had the opportunity to travel across our state and meet with Ohioans from all walks of life, from veterans to teachers to business owners, workers, farmers and... more »»

Kasich’s record should resonate with all Ohioans

August 22, 2014 Ohio Gov. John Kasich, making a swing through the area last Friday, wouldn’t discuss his election opponent’s personal life. He doesn’t have to. Other people are doing plenty of talking about it. more »»

Let Congress vote on Iraq War III

August 21, 2014 We were told there were 40,000 Yazidis on Sinjar Mountain facing starvation if they remained there, and slaughter by ISIS if they came dow. more »»


August 21, 2014 Gov. Jay Nixon on Monday took the long-overdue action to order Missouri National Guard troops to Ferguson. more »»

Not in the business of supporting our government

August 21, 2014 A few weeks ago, it was quite revealing — but not surprising — to hear Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew imply that corporate America should willingly pay the highest corporate-tax rates in the world as... more »»



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