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December 4, 2011 Service member upset with getting ticket To the editor: I am currently serving in Iraq, and will still be in Iraq after most of our military forces have left. more »»


November 27, 2011 The problem in Washington is overspending To the editor: “SOS” A simple plan to “Save Our Society” We don’t have an insufficient revenue problem in Washington, we have an overspending problem. more »»


November 20, 2011 Upset with theft of head stone arrangments To the editor: What kind of people steal from a grave site? That is about as low as a person can get. more »»


November 13, 2011 Upset with judge’s ruling of probation To the editor: On Nov. 2, a story ran in the Salem News of a Hanoverton man getting an extra year of probation for violating probatio. more »»

Military member: ‘Occupy’ movement un-American

November 12, 2011 To the editor: As a veteran and a current serving member of the U.S. military, I’ve often said that we do (or have done) what we do in order for you to have the freedom to do what you do. more »»

Medicine Chest Challenge is Saturday

November 10, 2011 To the editor: Saturday, Nov. 12 will give you the opportunity to participate in the American Medicine Chest Challenge. more »»


November 7, 2011 Salem council member reacts To the editor: I can understand Ms. Weaver’s opinion regarding motives behind the performance audit better after reading the confidential memo she made public. more »»


November 6, 2011 In opposition of SB 5 To the editor: As the election is just a short time away, I wanted to write in opposition to Issue 2, the repeal of Senate Bill 5 (SB5. more »»

Responds to latest letter from council president

November 5, 2011 To the editor: A family medical emergency has caused me to be out of state in these final days before the November 8th General Election. more »»


November 5, 2011 It’s about finances, audits and leadership To the editor: The mayoral race in Salem seems to be centered around finances, audits and leadership, at least between Mr. Berlin and myself. Mr. more »»


November 4, 2011 Fourth Ward candidate offers his insights To the editor: I am addressing this letter to the citizens of the Fourth Ward. more »»

Additional comment from city council president

November 3, 2011 In the summer of 2010, I was sent an email marked confidential (along with Mayor Jerry Wolford, Republican members of council and City Auditor Jim Armeni) from David Johnson, Chairman of the GOP. more »»

Candidate responds to mayor’s letter to editor

November 2, 2011 To the editor: Response to Mayor Wolford’s Oct. 28 letter: If I felt that Mayor Wolford was doing a good job, I would not have run against him. more »»

More response to council president’s letters

October 31, 2011 To the editor: Salem City Council President Mickey Weaver’s series of letters to the editor on the fringe benefits package of Salem’s city bargaining units have done more to validate my call for... more »»

Service/safety director praises mayor

October 31, 2011 To the editor: I was born and raised in Salem and I’m a lifelong Democrat who has served on city council. I’ve also been strongly involved in union activities over the years. more »»


October 30, 2011 Claims other letter writer’s ‘facts’ wrong To the editor: In recent letters to the editor, Mr. more »»


October 27, 2011 In support of United Local bond issue To the editor: As a member of the United community I support the 3.92 mill bond issue that will provide a $38 million building to our community. more »»

Mayor Wolford:Statements false and misleading

October 27, 2011 To the editor: I was not only surprised but very disappointed when I read the Salem Republican candidate’s flyer sent to voters in Salem. more »»


October 24, 2011 Why was political grandstanding allowed? To the editor: Why is Salem Council President Mickey Weaver allowing political grandstanding to go on at Salem City Council meetings? The fact that Democrats... more »»


October 23, 2011 Council president addresses health care To the editor: In this, the second letter to the editor, I would like to address Mr. more »»



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