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3rd ward councilman Drummond to seek Council president seat

January 30, 2013

SALEM — Third Ward City Councilman Rick Drummond announced this week he plans to seek the Republican nomination for President of Council, a position currently held by Mickey Cope Weaver....

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Feb-02-13 2:57 PM


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Feb-02-13 2:56 PM

I don't know who may run for Pres of Council. At the time that Mr Drummond decided to run, no one was deck Lared and Mrs Weaver was saying she wouldn't run. I didn't want to run and Nestic is an Independent. Cushman was appointed. mr. drummond is a good choice, in my opinion. He is the only one in his whole ward willing and able to set up and do the job. And he is doing the job. He would be a great Pres. He is always prepared and courteous with others even if their opinion was opposing his. He has experience managing and is a very smart guy.

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Jan-31-13 7:24 AM

Politics at it's best. Hey folks if you put a label on yourself that means you hold to a certain ideology. If you don't want to follow that ideology then you need to take your label off. When people vote for a republican or a democrat that is what they should get. Not some half baked version which is what we get from time to time at all levels of government. I think Mrs. Weaver, like Mr. Wolford did, is doing the right thing by taking off her republican label and considering running as an independent. There is no shame in not agreeing with someone, the shame is when you portray yourself as agreeing with their ideals and you don't.

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Jan-31-13 1:36 AM

L.M.A.O. Oh come on, don't stop now, you're all on a roll and the pace you are will be in the comic section for sure! Skip to the end of this B.S. and inform us of your theory of how Johnson dupes so many voters into going to the polls and voting for his masterminded agenda! Door to door payoffs? Hypnotics? Maybe he is so powerful he pays off the Utility Department to put mind altering drugs into the water system...I know maybe he sends armed goon squads door to door threatening the voters with violence. Maybe he borrowed Obama's Acorn notes. I heard the Black panthers are looking for some work! Oh I know he is offering cellphones for a vote.

You know you three really are spooky.

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Jan-30-13 11:25 PM

Since Mr. Drummond got his seat on council be default since there was no one else running,why not run Nestic or Dickey for council president? At least they beat someone in an election and would at least be credible for such a position.Seems the Chairman just has to get rid of Micky Weaver who has done an outstanding job. Stay tuned!

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Jan-30-13 12:35 PM

if there promoting their own agenda, they are promoting what Johnson wants. O'Leary was bullied by Johnson, thatswhy she did not run again, she wanted what was right for the people not for Johnson..When she bucked him, hewrote her scathing e-mails, and ubfortunately she decided not to run..Drummond will be no better itwill be about The Republicans and not the citizens..

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Jan-30-13 12:12 PM

The thing is, the Council Pres. doesn't have a say in council's buisiness unless there's a tie. The pres. is only there to preside over council and make the commitees. There's no way to lean the scale one way or another on the commitees. There's hardly any way to load the commitees to one party or another. Wouldn't that be too obvious?? We know Nestic wants to be the chairman of all the commitees. Maybe Johnson thinks he can get it that way if Drummond is Pres. Drummond can't keep his mouth shut to be the Pres. He always has to put his two cents in, and the Pres. can't do that. Unless he/she is going to vote. So are these folks really there to help the city? Or to work their own agenda??

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Jan-30-13 10:01 AM

I agree completely! Shame on Mr. Drunmmond for not being his "own " man!Once again, we see the Republican chairman not being able to let local government alone if it does not suit his agenda.The only reason Mr. Drummond got in office was because no one ran against him.Mr chairman wants Micky out since he got rid of O'Leary and Wolford.I hear Apple may run.Good chioce. Weaver can take his place.Bad credibility move for you,Mr.Drummond

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Jan-30-13 7:38 AM

Weaver would be my choice, she is involved in all aspects of council. she has shown she can do the job in a fair professional way. She is her own person andanswers to no one. Drummond on the other hand is only running because he was asked to do so by his republican chairman, in order to take votes away from Weaver or any democrat opponent. It is only a game for him to do the PARTY BIDDING!!! My choice is Weaver!!

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