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Barborak: Didn’t know investments violated law

March 15, 2013

LISBON — State Rep. Nick Barborak said he was unaware the firm hired to invest county funds while he was Columbiana County treasurer had made investments that violated state law....

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Mar-17-13 7:11 PM

County Commissioners wrote up Dillard for changing the security code in her EMA building and not getting Halleck's permission. The director hasn't been heard from since hired. Funny this paper decides it's not a story. Information is power.

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Mar-17-13 2:35 PM

Barborak knows ignorance is no excuse. This is wrong. Don't let them sweep this under the rug.

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Mar-17-13 12:58 AM

"Nothing like having control over the media."

What control ts1227? Those quotes are statements made by Barborak and Bolon themselves.

Or does this mean your disappointed that this wasn't covered up and kept from the public?

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Mar-16-13 9:13 PM

The only reason Johnson is even mentioned in this article is because his lapdog at Odgen wrote the article. Nothing like having control over the media.

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Mar-16-13 7:31 PM

Truth101 states: "No, the investment board had a responsibility for oversight and they failed."

So it would be your opinion that the Board violated the law and permitted to allow Barborak to do it?

Let's assume you are correct Truth101. That being the case is why there should have been an investigation into this and it should have been immediately initiated by Bolon and handed over to the State.

It is clear...these investments violated the law.

Or do we continue with the same rhetoric...violating the law doesn't matter anymore. Just find someone to dump it on, run damage control and move along.

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Mar-16-13 4:15 PM

Wow better put on my glasses,

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Mar-16-13 4:12 PM

In this case the investment board ok 'd the WV BANK.Who in turn made sopme wrong investments,

Apparentlt this was brought to Bolon's attention ,who turn notifyed the investment.

There is nothing here to indicate a cover up.

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Mar-16-13 4:09 PM

In the case of Strabala.The investment borad didn't do it's job.

The elder Strabala consquencely went around the board ,giving his son the chance to invest in high risk area's

Losing 10 million.

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Mar-16-13 2:42 PM

Truth101 , I hope some one else is teaching your kids about responsibility and accountability , cause you don't get it either.

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Mar-16-13 12:39 PM

Truth says" "He had a responsibility for oversight and he failed. No, the investment board had a responsibility for oversight and they failed." Just a question here, first I want it made clear that I am not saying anyone did anythig intentional here. But when Strabala was in office and invested county money improperly, who was it that went to jail? Mr. Stabala or the investment board? To my knowledge Mr. Strabala and his son were the only ones that did time. Where was the investment board then??

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Mar-16-13 10:00 AM

dr122: He had a responsibility for oversight and he failed. No, the investment board had a responsibility for oversight and they failed. You and others really need to learn how government works before you go making your partisian comments.

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Mar-16-13 9:55 AM

stofit: Why are we Ohio people investing in a West Virginia Bank. The same reason your are reading the story in a ohio newspaper owned by a West Virginia company.

free enterprise

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Mar-16-13 9:30 AM

A small question no one has asked. Why are we Ohio people investing with a West Virginia bank? I am sure there are a few in Ohio that employ Ohioans.

Any time money is lost due to a lower interest rate, it is still money taken from the tax payers. Maybe not a crime, but it's a darned shame.

Folks need to elect new politicians, not recycle them regardless of political party.

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Mar-15-13 8:28 PM

Bottom line is that Barborak didn’t do his job. He had a responsibility for oversight and he failed. Now the County Commissioners need to cut $118,000 from the budget to cover for Bardorak’s incompetence . I love all the Barborak sympathizers. It’s a fact that he didn’t do the job he was paid to do. It’s about responsibility and accountability , two words that Barborak needs to understand.

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Mar-15-13 8:27 PM

We all know information is power. That is if anyone is paying attention. Corruption at it's best. We have professionals working in our county. BWD, DTF, EMA, are played and delivered by the local media as whatever the politicos deem as feedable to the area. Bolon was a failure after the "No mailing of tax statements and everyone must come to pay in person" debacle. We just recycle failures here. Teachers, Superintendents, they move from area to area unto unsuspecting people who pay them, again.

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Mar-15-13 6:37 PM

Barborak: Didn’t know investments violated law?

Ignorance of the law holds merit to what? NOTHING.

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Mar-15-13 6:27 PM

Did Bolon work this hard quickly to insure she didn't take the heat for what Barborak had done in case it went south? Why is Bolon investigating this herself? Why didn’t Bolon immediately hand this over to the State for immediate investigation when she allegedly found these violations of the law? Why should the public trust that Bolon is not covering up for State Rep Barborack and producing this result that would protect her and Barborack?

There appears to be to many questions with this incident. Don’t play “I need to get to the bottom of this”…hand it immediately to the State and DEMAND and investigation now. The public has a right to know the truth NOW.

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Mar-15-13 6:26 PM

Who is protecting whom here? Is this corruption? Is this dirty politics?

Is it possible that if this story would have broke before the election the probability of odds would have been Barborak would not have been elected State Representative and Bolon would not be this county's treasurer?

Did they keep this quiet to protect the Democrat party and nominations? When Bolon took office, was she exceptionally good? Or did she know exactly where to look and just exactly how to conceal and cover-up to get this result? Was this a plan to make it appear she was going to be good at her job in the eyes of the public even if Barborack is held accountable Bolon remains untouched?

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Mar-15-13 4:11 PM

Don't blame Johnson for huffing and puffing. That's how he keeps his job. Otherwise every one would notice he doesn't do any thing but whine! There's no wrong doing,no money missing and no fines to pay. Barborak gave the job to a firm who was supposedly responsible and new what they were doing. And he went on to do other things. They dont get paid to baby sit. And Johnson you could take an example from this. Quit worrying what others are doing and do something your self. Your not a king! Your a hired servent to us! Get off your throne!

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Mar-15-13 1:41 PM

Thankfully this was noticed by Ms. Bolon, promptly reported, and there don't seem to be any penalties for the violations. One would expect that a multi-state bank holding company from WV would be aware of OH laws. As Rep. Barborak said, "We relied on their professional advice", which they should have been able to do, as long as they checked out the company ahead of time. I only hope someone in Salem has done their due diligence in checking out Mr. Cahill before putting him in charge of their downtown. All might be fine, but it would be foolhardiness not to check out prior accomplishments, prior businesses he's had or been involved in, his background, references, etc.

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Mar-15-13 11:06 AM

I guess drw that you think we have lost this money when it turns out to be wrongly stated by the investment company. There is no money lost the general fund will have to be adjusted. I am glad to hear you that you are so perfect, you must sit up there with the high and mighty David, who cries foul for every mistake the democrats make. How about Milliken who over states every year the ending balance before she pays the year end bills.. she has been doing it for years, I don't see you criticizing her for her mistake.. But I forgot your perfect. what you should be thankful for is the fact THIS WAS AN HONEST MISTAKE AND NOT AN EMBEZZELMENT, LIKE BEFORE.

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Mar-15-13 10:52 AM

no monies where lost...information was disclosed to the individuals on the was reported to the state..everyone had full disclosure, Mrs Bolon was able to get the issue contained due to her level of expertise, let's move forward. With Bolon in office, as her prior years of service shows, she is the most qualified and will continue to protect our monies. I have faith in her abilities. Mr. Johnson, get a grip! If the state was made aware of the situation, the committee made up of commissioners, etc why do we need to continue to spend tax payers dollars on situations not needed? I believe we're paying enough lawyer expenses on the coroner's lawsuits, why not complain about all that? Thank you Mrs. Bolon-continue to move ahead for our county!

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Mar-15-13 9:21 AM

drw122 im glad you are so perfect that you never took bad advice off someone and made a mistake before. Before I judge someone, I look at the intent of their actions. I see no intentional action to defraud the county here.

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Mar-15-13 8:49 AM

Who cares about Strabala anymore. The debt reduction is still on my property tax statement and all the spin on commissioners being fiscally responsible is just that. We pay their debt/criminal activity down. They just continue as nothing ever happened. Bread and circuses. Welcome to the big top.

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Mar-15-13 7:23 AM

Uh oh. Here comes Lil' Davey Johnson. Huffing and puffing and trying to politicize this. Let an independent panel do the investigation Davey and stay out.

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