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August 12, 2012
Salem News

Bothered by the noise level in Salem

To the editor:

Has anyone else noticed how much the noise level has increased lately in Salem? With every year traffic increases and so does the noise.

It seems that every other car has their stereo thumping so loud the windows in the house rattle. And what about the motorcycles and their almost non-existent mufflers? Doesn't Salem have any laws about loud noise?

Don't get me wrong, I don't want to see a teen ticketed for just being a teen and playing his music. However, it's especially annoying if you're sitting in traffic and the car behind you has the music blaring and you're stuck. Or it's late at night and your windows are open and you're just about asleep and boom, boom, boom, another loud car. Or you're on the patio with friends talking, or trying to, when again a car with its radio cranked up goes by.

And what about motorcycles that sit at the stop light and rev the engine a few times, don't we all enjoy that earsplitting noise? I live near a stop light and it never fails to amaze me how many cyclists do this.

Do they not realize that people live in the houses along the streets and roads and perhaps are on their porches/patios trying to enjoy a conversation or perhaps trying to sleep on a summer's day with the windows open?

Please people, use some common sense and courtesy. If you're in a public place, on a city street or highway where there are homes close to the road, please keep the noise down. I don't want to spoil your fun, but if I can hear your music inside my house with the doors closed then you know it's too loud.



Why not make a tourist attraction?

To the editor:

I think the discovery of the tunnel under Broadway is fantastic. Now all they need to do is explore it to both ends, put a stairway at each end with lights and soft music wafting through the tunnel and Salem has a great tourist attraction. My guess would be that each end will now stop at the basement wall of a store on each side of the street.

We could probably find the answer to this mystery in our new Dale Shaffer Library!


Lake City,

Church Women United thankful

To the editor:

The members of the Salem Church Women United would like to express their thanks for the generous response to our annual Back to School Clothing Voucher Project. This year over 400 Salem School children from lower income families, from Head Start through the eighth grade, were given vouchers to purchase new clothing and shoes for going back to school.

Our thanks is extended to individuals who gave financial donations, the Salem Community Foundation, the Pearce Foundation for grant monies, and Salem area churches and organizations.

Thanks also to the Emmanuel Lutheran Church for the use of their building. Thank you to all the volunteer ladies for help with the sign-ups.

Thanks to the Salem New for all their assistance in providing the necessary publicity to get the word out to those who need this project.

We also want to give special thanks to the Salem Walmart for being our voucher redemption shopping center, for their kindness and professionalism.

God bless the people of Salem for their generous support of our back to school clothing project year after year.


CWU treasurer and Social Concerns chairman

Remembering John Cabas

To the editor:

Being a sports writer for the Salem News 13 years, Warren Tribune seven years and the Youngstown Vindicator 31 years, I remember John Cabas, 94, who died July 16, for the many things he did that made high school basketball the enjoyable, exciting game that is played in Salem, Columbiana County and the state of Ohio today.

Attending a first-time practice 1960s with Salem High varsity, Coach Cabas, assistant Coach Karl Zellers and the varsity, junior varsity squads, Cabas told the players to be successful, that they would have to work hard with burning desire in preparation for the coming season.

He demanded strict discipline from players as they learned offense and defense strategy.

In 22 seasons at Salem High, Cabas compiled an envious successful 298-147 record and his 1958-59 squad was class AA stats runner-up.

At a special meeting May 24, 1961 at the Lape Hotel in Salem, Warren Harding Coach Dick Boyd, Cabas and varsity coaches from Alliance, Canton McKinley, East Liverpool, Massillon, Niles and Steubenville met to discuss forming the basketball (Ohio Big 8) only conference that rivaled the state's highly rated Class AA Leagues.

There are many things that has made Salem recognized throughout the years. Cabas started a grade-school basketball league, fifth-sixth grade teams. He organized a summer league with games played at Centennial Park.

Quaker Sam has been a symbol of Salem High Basketball for years. Cabas had his players warm-up before every game in uniforms. Printed on the jerseys were Quaker Sam with the words "Love Those Quakers - They're the Greatest!"

I realize that Cabas also had a remarkable career starting at Salineville High in 1939-40 football, basketball and track coach. He was football coach at Chester, W. Va., in 1941. During the next two years he served in the Navy.

He returned to Chester to coach basketball in 1943. From there he went to Wellsville, Columbiana, Case Tech College and Elyria, then took over in Salem.



Must return to being a 'Republic'

To the editor:

If "We the People" want our country back " Under God" we have to change our direction from a Socialistic to a Republic.

Please read "The Harbinger" by Jonathan Cahn. It is a prediction of what is to become of our country. Will we go the way of Rome and cease to exist?



More on the Second Amendment

To the editor:

I find that Richard Sberna has attempted to "forward" the progressive notion that the Second Amendment is only about gun ownership. The Second Amendment is about private property rights and a means to protect all other rights granted by the creator, not government.

His use of a weak argument about driving a car and pigeon hole the Second Amendment as 27 words of nostalgia is seriously flawed.

The problem will lie in that people are afraid to question boldly someone's errant behavior. A major case in point is Joe Paterno and Jerry Sandusky. Joe should have questioned boldly about Jerry's behavior but didn't. Somebody might have known something about Holmes but the narrative is "Gun bad!" You'll only be told if he (Holmes) lives forever in prison or released from his earthly bonds?


East Liverpool

Against political 'lifers'

To the editor:

I read something recently that caught my eye and I quote 'Politicians and babies are very much a like. They both need changing often and for the same reason."

Our founders were not in favor of people making a career from public office. When Washington was pressured to accept a third term as president, he refused and strongly opposed people making a career out of elected public office.

I don't believe it mentions in our constitution that we should be represented by a few people. This is what is happening in our congress today. By allowing the same people to continuously regain office, we are stifling the will of the people.

In a Democratic republic such as ours, the opportunity to represent and govern must be available to all who qualify and wish to serve, not left to the few who manage to convince their constituencies by favors and other means no one else is capably of filling their seat.

I would like to see term limits for the congress the same as the president. Four years and the option of being reelected four more years.

Maybe the second term would be dedicated to the needs of the country rather than so much attention being applied to their reelection.

Now comes the $64 question, how do we manage to do this? I'm sure it would be expecting too much to ask these people to vote themselves out of office.

I can think of only one way to make this happen, that would be a nationwide petition. I believe if a petition of enough names, outlining our demands was submitted to the congress, they would have to act. There are some in the congress now who are in favor of term limits and they would be helpful implement the changes into law.

I know what I am suggesting calls for a dramatic change in the workings of congress, however it is a house cleaning that's long overdue.



Not a fan of Congressman Johnson

To the editor:

It's time Bill Johnson put patriotism before politics and provides the district the common sense policies that will put our unemployed back to work, improve our children's access to quality education, and provide better services from our federal government.

Right now Washington is broken and a major part of that broken system is the elected officials who are willing to say one thing in an effort to win a campaign, yet arrive in Washington and act in a much different manner.

In my opinion, this is an abuse of voter trust. Recently Congressman Bill Johnson was caught doing just this. Congressman Johnson was caught using office funds to lease a vehicle and is actively campaigning with his office budget.

Congressman Johnson campaigned on lowering the national deficit and cutting bloated government waste, but once he arrived in Washington he voted to raise the debt ceiling and now operates the most wasteful Congressional office budget of the Ohio congressional delegation.

For too long Congressman Johnson has operated without answering why he maintains a private vehicle to be chauffeured around the congressional district.

Bill would like for you to believe he is working on our behalf, but when you vote in favor of the millionaires on Wall Street and against your constituents who live on Main Street, you clearly have lost your way.

Congressman Johnson continues to support trade policies that would send our manufacturing jobs overseas and has voted in favor of trade policies with Korea, Panama, and Columbia. These votes do nothing to support the constituents of East and Southeast Ohio.

It's time for us to put partisanship aside, and focus on what really matters bringing common sense solutions to the economic issues that currently hold us back.


East Liverpool

Gun control is not the solution

To the editor:

By now you know that another senseless, tragic mass shooting incident has happened again, this time in Aurora Colorado, a midsize city on the edge of Denver.

The weekend tragedy took the lives of 12 innocent people and injured nearly 60 others at a movie theater where a new Batman movie was showing.

Like so many other violent acts and mass shootings that continue to occur across the country, this one could have easily been prevented and no one would have been injured or lost their life if businesses would take the responsibility of providing their customers and patrons a truly safe environment more seriously.

While many in America have again raised the issue of gun control, let's be honest with ourselves. Gun control is not the answer and will never work. Cities such as Washington DC, Chicago, Ill., and New York have all restricted law-abiding citizens from gun ownership for years and yet their cities continue to rank in the top five for the most murders, aggravated assaults and serious crimes. Criminals will always find ways to acquire guns and that is just a fact.

The true answer to these cold blooded killings is a simple one, responsibility-a duty to protect.

A business of any size has a responsibility and a duty to insure that their building is safe, the environment is conducive to the security of all customers and staff and that they have taken every measure to insure the public's well being while at their business establishment.

In most communities, a business or school must install certain safety equipment such as fire alarms and sprinkler systems, fire exit signs and emergency lighting. Entertainment venues including nightclubs, bars, concert halls and arenas also are limited to the number of people that can be in the business at any one time for safety reasons.

Other security and safety requirements have also been put in place by local governments to insure a certain level of protection for the customers of those businesses.

But where is the protection from crazy suicidal people who enter the business with only one thing on their minds-death and destruction? Where are the laws to protect patrons from injury or death from heavily armed criminals?

Some cities and states including Jackson Miss., New Jersey and Connecticut have passed legislation that requires certain types of businesses to hire private security or law enforcement officers to provide security and crowd control during large events or at businesses where there is a propensity for criminal activity but business organizations have had those laws repealed.

It is the responsibility of business owners to secure their property from those who would harm and kill.

If you really want to stop mass shootings in public places, demand that owners of movie theaters, supermarkets, playgrounds, and you-name-the-venue hire armed security guards to keep watch for people dressed in body armor and carrying weapons.

We know how to do this. We do it at airports, concerts, nightclubs, sports venues and courthouses.

The use of armed, trained private security officers using metal detectors and common sense can prevent most if not all of these tragedies from ever happening again.

Had the business owner of this cinema taken these steps, I'm pretty sure that this mass killing would not have taken place.

Businesses need to be held accountable and if they refuse to protect their patrons, you need to refuse to do business with them.

We are not helpless in the face of evil but often greed and selfishness can make some people blind.

Any business, church or school concerned with the safety of the public should implement true security measures immediately so that we can end these needless deaths of innocent people.



Private Officers Association International



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