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September 9, 2012
Salem News

And still no Kool Aid...

To the editor:

Every four years we are asked to vote for the best person to be our president.

We hear slogans such as: "Tippecanoe and Tyler too," "Don't change horses in the middle of a stream," "The new deal," "Read my lips, no new taxes," "I can create jobs," "Time for a change," "Smaller government, better education for our children," "Yes we can," "Better roads," "A car in every garage and a chicken in every pot," and on and on.

Over 40 years ago I was in the Air Force stationed in Cheyenne, Wyo. We lived at the Air Force Base and our daughters were in elementary school in Cheyenne. The fourth, fifth, and sixth-grade students selected one boy from each of the three grades to campaign for a mock president election.

The three boys made their campaign speech on stage in front of the fourth, fifth and sixth-grade students. The three boys all said about the same thing: longer summer break, longer recesses, and shorter school hours, no homework, etc.

However, the fourth-grade student said all of the above and added: "If you elect me president, I will put Kool Aid in all the drinking fountains in the school." The fourth-grader was elected by a landslide.

We left Cheyenne about two years later for assignment in Ohio. Still no Kool Aid in any of the drinking fountains in that school in Cheyenne.

Does that ring a bell?



Convention was 'Lie Fest'

To the editor:

Now that the Republican convention, or as I refer to it, "Lie Fest 2012," is over, let's take a quick look at their strategy. They answer the charges of more lies than ever with, we will not let fact checkers run our campaign. Translation: We want nothing to do with the truth.

We can't win that way.

Eastwood's conversation with furniture illustrates their strategy - it's all good when we can make up both sides of a conversation. It doesn't work so well when there is someone occupying the furniture. Dirty Harry, Trick Dicky - what's the difference?

Paul Ryan's budget and tax plan are a sham that makes "snake oil" sound relatively reasonable. He would like Romney's tax to be .82 percent and yours to be much higher. We do have to pay for tax cuts for the wealthiest 2 percent of us somehow. As far as Medicare goes, an extra $6,500 out of pocket for all of us and a voucher that doesn't begin to cover the cost of healthcare. He should be arrested for the attempted murder of Medicare.

Aside from a "Not So Supreme Court" ruling that Republican appointees supported, corporations are not people, and the wealthiest 2 percent among us should not be able to purchase the government that suits their greed-inspired interests; 98 percent of us should be represented as well as the 2 percent. It's not class warfare until we fight back!

Their whole theme hinges upon the President's "you didn't build that" comment. It is clear that they understood perfectly well that he was referring to infrastructure, streets, roads, bridges, water-things that we built collectively that make businesses able to succeed. They didn't build the Hoover Dam. We built the Hoover Dam collectively but the power it produces serves the public and private businesses as well. It serves the 2 percent as well as the 98 percent. Lies about Medicare, welfare, national security don't serve the public interest. Unfortunately, I have a word limit to adhere to. I could go on debunking.

Now to the focus, of which every American citizen should be aware of. On the evening of Jan. 19, 2009, as our newly inaugurated President was still dancing with his smiling wife, Republican leaders were meeting less than two miles away. Gingrich, Ryan, McConnell, and Ryan. Was the purpose of the meeting to find common ground with the President, to decide where they could compromise, to provide possible solutions that he may not be aware of? Sadly no. The purpose was, in fact, to plot against the success of the new President. An attempt to obstruct his progress and simply make him look bad.

To plot against the success of an American President is to plot against the success of America! This was not leadership. This was at best subversion, and at worst treason. Don't reward them with your vote.


Weirton, W. Va.

Can we take four more?

To the editor:

A national election is bearing down on us; it's only weeks away. How much thought are we giving this election which I believe to be the most critical since the Civil War? Are we going to do as so many do, vote the straight party line? Or have we taken the time to become aware of the problems facing this country and have decided who of the two candidates is best suited to start the process of getting us out of this terrible mess.

When Obama assumed office four years ago the country was in bad shape. We lacked a balanced budget and were laboring under a tremendous national debt. Our new President with his shining personality and gift of speech managed to bewitch enough voters to put him in the White House. There he would draw upon his wisdom and vast experience and start this country back on the proper road to recovery.

However in an effort to win the hearts and mind of the people our president disregarded the monetary problems that are choking this country to death and spent the first two years trying to force an unaffordable medical plan down the throats of our people when so many of us had no use for it. While working on his health plan he found time to increase our national debt by another $4 trillion. This money was not in the treasury, so it had to be borrowed or printed. The only effect this unprecedented move had on our economy was to increase the already massive amount of interest we were paying and add to the inflation.

The critical question before us now. Can we afford to allow this man to remain in the White House for another four years?



President is a true leader

To the editor:

Dear Voters:

Now that the DNC convention has begun, there is no doubt more of the same distortions will be on the internet and in other media sources about what Democrats are supporting. They will make fun, vilify and try to poke wholes in our values. It is despicable that the RNC has resorted to the distortions that have been appearing on the internet and that voters are not fact checking. Don't believe the stuff. check the facts. There are many way to find out what is real and what is not. Our President has shown true leadership as he has dealt with a "Me" tea party, conservative today, middle of the road or liberal another day, RNC, all the while keeping us on tract to rebuild from the Wall Street debacle, the "do nothing" Congress, and the hate mongers in general. The trickle down economics from Reagan to the first Mr. Bush did not work for Mr. Bush and it won't work for Mr. Romney. Jobs are coming maybe not as fast as hoped but don't give up that hope. Mr. Romney predicts 12 million jobs but the Dem leadership and leading economist have predicted that a long time ago. Nothing new Mr. Romney.

Women do not need to move to the back of the bus nor do minorities, again. We have been there and the RNC, and now the "Me" Tea Party, pay us no mine except during an election. Don't let them continue to get away with this practice.

Vote, vote, vote Democrats. If you need help with registration, or getting to the polls, call your local Democratic headquarters. They are ready to help.



Stating Obama's case

To the editor:

Anyone who claims that President Obama is long on speeches but short on accomplishments is simply wrong. Here are some of the achievements during his first term.

He signed into law the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act which halted job losses that had reached 800,000 per month. Additionally, he was responsible for job growth which now exceeds 4 million new private sector jobs.

In order to provide immediate relief to working families, he cut taxes on 95 per cent of working families. This saved the typical family $800 in 2009 and 2010.

But, Republicans in Congress, including Vice Presidential nominee Paul Ryan, opposed all of these measures along with measures investing in education and clean energy.

President Obama refused to let General Motors and Chrysler die. He took the then unpopular step of helping them out of their financial problems. He approved emergency loans to both of them and in turn saved more than one million jobs. You may recall Mr. Romney said at that time, "Let Detroit go bankrupt."

Since the time of the President's courageous actions to save GM and Chrysler, the auto industry added 200,000 jobs and is now regarded as a leader once more as it builds cars which are more fuel-efficient than ever before.

And on top of that, the loans were repaid ahead of schedule and with interest, too!

What does the President plan to do during his second term in office?

He will remove tax deductions for shipping jobs overseas and has proposed the creation of a 20 per cent tax credit for businesses that bring jobs home. His opponent offshored jobs while serving as governor of Massachusetts.

President Obama has promised to close tax loopholes to ensure that billionaires and millionaires do not pay a lower tax rate than middle class families. His opponent's plans call for increasing the national debt by trillions of dollars by rewarding the wealthiest Americans with a further cut in their taxes. For instance, Mr. Romney opposes the Buffett Rule that simply asks the wealthy to pay their fair share.

For what President Obama has done and for our nation's future, it is clear he deserves re-election.

John DeFazio


Thankful for support

To the editor:

Once again, on behalf of The Cardinal's Peloton, we would like to thank the local and extended community for their tremendous support of the 2012 Pan Ohio Hope Ride, an event for the American Cancer Society Hope Lodges in Cleveland and Cincinnati, held July 26-July 29.

Through private donors and commercial sponsors, our team of 13 riders, most of whom live either in/near Salem or grew up here, was able to raise over $27,000 while the 2012 Hope Ride was able to raise over $767,000. Every $1,000 raised provides free lodging for two weeks.

These donations are critical in giving patients and their families free lodging while they undergo long and difficult cancer treatments in Cleveland and Cincinnati, many times far from home. Because of the money raised we can keep families together and provide a network of support while they face difficult challenges.

A sincere thank you to all of our supporters, especially Ricky's English Pub for hosting our benefit event on July 21, 2012. Our other supporters included Stratton Chevrolet, Dr. Matthew Yerkey, DDS, Salem NAPA, Mary's Pizza Shop-Lisbon, Lisbon Tire and Lube, Friends Roastery, Eagle Landscape, Salem Ice Cream Parlor, Jay's Barber Shop, and many friends, family, neighbors and co-workers. We would also like to note a special thanks to the Salem News for sharing our story with their readers.



Cruise benefit a success

To the editor:

Dear Salem Community,

We want to take the time to thank everyone for the support we received for the Arby's Car Cruise Benefit for Bill Greenamyer on Aug. 19, 2012. Thank you to the Salem Arby's for letting us utilize their parking for an entire day. Thank you to Gene and Jane Johnson and the Saturday Night Salem Food Pantry Arby's Car Cruisers.

Thank you for the entertainment: Gene Johnson, Magic Show by Jason Allen and The Uptown Saturday Night Band. Thank you to Tracie Greenamyer for face painting. Dick Gurlea for donating the dash plaques and trophies.

The Chinese auction was a success thanks to the following business and individuals: Arby's Car Cruisers, AutoZone, Bob's Complete Auto, Brighton Hot Dog Shoppe, Diana and Rorie Reiter, Donnell Ford, Expert Tire, Famous Hair, Gene and Jane Johnson, Giant Eagle, Great Clips, Holly Cannon at Holly's Shear Heaven Salon, Karen Griggy, Kay Hughes, Linda Koppler, Linda Wylie, Muffler Man, Napa Auto, Phantom Auto Works, Promos Unlimited, Quaker Corner, Richard Weber, Robin Beiskel, Rubbermaid, Salem Car Wash, Salem Hills, Salem Tire, Steve Vitko, Taco Bell, Tony Ford, Tractor Supply and Vicky and Roger Johnson.

Thank you to all who came out to show an outpouring of support. We are grateful you responded to our need for help with such compassion and are extremely grateful for the generosity from all those involved.





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