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Obama plan keeps growing deficit

October 2, 2012
Salem News

When Barack Obama became president, he vowed to reduce deficit spending. Working with liberals in Congress, he increased it. With Obama's term in office not yet completed, the national debt has increased by about $5.4 trillion since he became president.

Now Obama wants voters to believe his plan to cut deficit spending is more appealing than one suggested by his opponent in the presidential election, Mitt Romney.

Obama says he has a plan to reduce deficit spending by about $4 trillion during the next decade. Actually, as analysts point out, that simply isn't true.

About $2 trillion of the amount Obama is counting already is part of a long-term plan approved only because conservatives in Congress insisted on it. Nearly $600 billion more is "savings" that would have occurred anyway because of troop reductions in Iraq and Afghanistan.

But the $4 trillion number does have some significance: That happens to be the amount most analysts say the national debt will increase during the next 10 years, if Obama's proposals remain in place.


Perhaps it is because few teenagers vote that Ohio legislators enacted a ban on use of cellular phones and other electronic devices by vehicle operators that is much tougher on younger drivers. Or it could be that lawmakers simply believe younger drivers are more dangerous when distracted by practices such as "texting" on cell phones.

Whatever the logic, it was faulty. Distracted driving is a concern for motorists of all ages, not just juveniles.

After years of being prodded, the General Assembly finally enacted a law aimed at lessening the danger from distracted drivers. It went into effect a few weeks ago.

But while the measure is tough on juveniles, it is less so on adults - and it contains loopholes law enforcement officers say make it difficult to enforce in some situations.

Legislators should close the loopholes and establish the same limits for both adults and younger drivers in Ohio.



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