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October 13, 2012
Salem News

Responds to letter

regarding injured kitten

To the editor:

This letter is in response to the recent letter about the area animal organizations and the injured kitten. Our community is fortunate enough to be diverse in animal organizations as we have animal control on a city level (Sue Davidson) and a county level, the Columbiana County Dog Pound.

We have a county humane society, the Humane Society of Columbiana County, and a place for rehabilitation of the older, injured, neglected animals, Alchemy Acres Animal Sanctuary. Additionally, we have several private rescues in this county. It is imperative for citizens to understand the important roles that such agencies play in this and surrounding communities.

Speaking for Alchemy Acres, we are a rehabilitative no-kill facility for domestic and native wildlife. As a no-kill, our intakes are scheduled in advance and these intakes have to meet criteria for rehabilitation and are usually transferred to us by other agencies such as humane societies and animal control agencies. When we have the availability, we go to our list of 600+ people for dogs, 600+ people for cats, five people for rabbits, and two people for guinea pigs, all who are waiting to surrender their special needs animal to Alchemy Acres. This does not include the people with time sensitive conditions, usually 15-30 people a day, who cannot wait for availability at our facility.

We offer programs to help with relocation of healthy animals in order that they do not have to be processed through a shelter and for all others we spend a great deal of time daily on the phone with each person, trying to help them find a solution in their area. Due to the rarity of our services and the great demand for them, Alchemy receives calls daily from Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Indiana, Virginia, and Kentucky. On a weekly basis, we receive calls for help from all over the United States.

Alchemy Acres has a specific set of guidelines when referring people to other services for help. We do not refer to agencies that are euthanasia facilities as that is against our philosophy, and rather we do everything we can to help someone find a way to help the animal.

In Ms. Sommers' case, our call logs show that she was referred to Sue Davidson as the kitten was in her jurisdiction. Again, Alchemy is a large rehabilitative facility, 100 percent of our funding goes directly to the care of the animals at our facility: 100 dogs, 70 cats, nine rabbits, a sheep, seven zebra finches, a ferret, and various wildlife at any given time.

As a simple example, our flea prevention bill for just one month is $900. We should not have to justify the use of our funds, nor the declining to take an animal that is not in our jurisdiction to take as this is the responsibility of an animal control officer.

Sadly, in the ranting letter preceding this letter, the author calls for "how we can prevent this from happening again and how we can help others become aware of what to do." The author never addressed what people should do in these instances but only overshadows the good that the area agencies do. I understand that it must have been traumatic to watch the slow death of this kitten, however, individuals need to be responsible. Are we not all part of a society that wants a better community for our furry friends?

I would suggest in such a situation whereas you cannot reach an animal welfare organization to come to your immediate aid, to call family and friends to find someone to help get the kitten immediate medical attention.

All too often people do not know simple tricks of the trade that we animal welfare individuals take for granted, i.e. the power of cross posting in social media networks and many other suggestions and ideas.

We at Alchemy take the time to share these ideas. While I cannot speak for the other agencies, I am sure they would not be offended by me stating that there are not enough agencies to accommodate the pets in need in this community. That is to say, unless the community should move backward away from the no-kill movement and begin to senselessly euthanize again.

It is going to take the community to work together to move forward. Volunteer! Be the change you want to see in the world! Get involved with any agency, church, humanitarian organization, etc.

Once involved you will have a better sense of the needs and can donate comfortably, knowing your money is going to something that you are passionate about.


President, Alchemy Acres, Animal Sanctuary,


Input from Angels from

Animals co-founder

To the editor:

I was so sad when I read the Sunday Oct. 7 letter from Jen Sommers about the difficulty she had trying to help an injured stray kitten in Salem.

The part that really hurt was the failure to make it to Angels for Animals. Angels is open every Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. We usually have a veterinarian on site or access to one of our five wonderful vets. We usually have a capable registered vet tech there as well. Angels serves all people seeking help for abandoned animals. If we can't help, we will try to find someone who can.

I have been troubled about the cat problem in Salem for well over 20 years. I rarely go to Salem without seeing a free-roaming cat that has no identification. In fact I have two of them in my care right now I found in Salem. Thankfully both of them are fixed.

A resident in the area has tried to find the owners. She found one of them who told her she didn't want the cat. She had given the cat (which had belonged to her grandson) a plastic dog house to live in outside. Just try spending a zero temperature January night in there. It would be very unpleasant. She ultimately told the concerned citizen to tell me to keep the cat she couldn't even be bothered to call me directly.

The second cat is just beautiful. No one knows who the owner is. Both were found on North Lincoln by Hope Cemetery in the road and let me walk right up to them. What if my intentions were bad, like the horrible "person" who tortured the calf in Lisbon last week?

The fact is this: there is no reason to have roaming cats in any municipality. Towns are not farms, where cats are used for rodent control. A neutered cat has an average roaming span of up to 40 acres. An unneutered tomcat can roam 150 acres daily. When you let a cat roam it goes where is wants. It may not know that the guy down the street doesn't want your cat fertilizing his garden or using his kids sandbox for their litter box, and doesn't know that green tasty liquid is anti-freeze put out to kill him.

When we tried to establish a small cat shelter in Salem about 10 years ago, we were stopped by Salem's city government. Why? We were told we could not house more than five cats.

But yet any time you drive through town there are unfixed stray cats all over the place. And absolutely nothing is being done to fix that problem. Apparently the rule to limit cats is only enforced upon those trying to fix the problem, and not those causing the problem.

The city of Akron has solved a huge part of its cat problem. Cat owners just have to follow the law as dog owners do.

Cats have to be indoors or on a leash, but they are not allowed to roam around onto a neighbor's property. Very simple!

I am always working to improve the animal condition in the state of Ohio. If you would like to help or if you need help, please call me at 330-502-5352!



Angels for Animals

Many thanks from SHS Hall of Fame Committee

To the editor:

On Thursday, Sept. 6, 2012, Ed Beck (Class of 1932), Ned Chappell (Class of 1961), David Hunter (Class of 1961), Richard Huffman (Class of 1986) and J. Robert Sebo (Class of 1954) were inducted into the Salem High School Athletic Hall of Fame.

During the evening, presenters and audience members reminisced and fondly recounted the successes of this year's inductees.

The names of such legendary coaches as Floyd Stone, Earle Bruce, John Cabas, and Karl Zellers filled the air. Presented with rings and Reilly wall mementoes, the inductees praised their families and teammates for aiding them in their accomplishments. A common denominator among the inductees was the love they felt for their hometown and its high school.

According to Ed Beck's daughter, although her father lived most of his adult life in South Carolina, he kept Salem in his heart and, until his death at age 79, he carried a buckeye in his pocket.

A wonderful event such as this could not have happened without a good deal of community support. The Salem Community Center provided the evening with an outstanding venue, and Lorrie Weingart and her staff of "A Catered Affair" once again prepared all of the delicious food.

We thank Frank Zamarelli of the Salem Computer Center for his generosity in donating to each inductee the flash drives that held the media presentation created for the induction. Also due recognition is Nick Cool from Image Works here in Salem for supporting the Hall of Fame with his creative work and professional expertise. The coverage provided by the Salem News is much appreciated.

We would also like to thank the following individuals and businesses for their contributions and financial backing of the Hall of Fame once again. We are very honored that these individuals and companies, many of which have been with us from day one, continue to support our organization.

Those providing support include: Mindy Sneltzer and Kylie Wolfgang of the Salem Community Center, BB Rooners, Bailey Financial Planning, Barclay Machine Inc. Bridgett Cutlip of State Farm Insurance, Butech Bliss, Campf's Service Co. Inc., Chappell & Zimmerman Inc., Church Budget, Crabb Insurance Agency, Dental Health Group, D.T. Moore & Company, Gene's Drive-Thru, Giant Eagle, Gordon Brothers Water, Hunter Associates, The Heart Center of Northeastern Ohio, Insurance Center of Salem, Jesko Associates Inc., J.H. Lease Drug Company, Manhattan Cleaners, Matt Yerkey DDS and Kevin Madjarac DDS, The Moore Agency Inc., Morris Financial Group, Promos Unlimited, Refresh Dental Management, Salem Community Hospital, Salem Computer Center, Salem Twin Cinema, Tolson Comfort Systems and Ultimate Construction.

The Hall of Fame Committee once again congratulates this year's class and thanks all involved for their valuable support.

Michael Lesch,

Mark Equizi,

John Patterson,

Jean Esposito,

George Spack,

Sally Chappell,

Ed Votaw,

Tim Ewing

Winona Friends Church

praised for kindness

To the editor:

Several weeks ago, on a Sunday, almost 20 teams of men, women and children from the Winona Friends Church volunteered their time and effort to various agencies, health care organizations and communities. All in the name of making things better for the many individuals who benefit from the work of these organizations.

The Fleming House, located in Lisbon, was the recipient of such help and support. More than 30 individuals, including children, all pitched in to help brighten and improve the house that supports women and their children.

Painting, carpentry and landscaping projects were undertaken and completed that morning. The house is now "wearing" a fresh and renewed look as we are celebrating its 10th anniversary.

We thank Pastor Rusty Savage and his many parishioners for the dedication and enthusiasm they have shown us and numerous others over the years.



Family Recovery Center

Shame on person letting

her son's dogs loose

To the editor:

On Thursday, Oct. 4, my son Tim Endicott of Butler Grange Road got up at 6 a.m. to feed and water his animals. When he went out to feed the dogs someone had taken off the collars of his dogs and they were running loose. He ran all over for two and a half hours looking for his dogs.

He got so stressed out he ended up at Salem Community Hospital with chest pains. He thought he was having a heart attack.

Our daughter with whom he lives gave us a call at 9 a.m. and we rushed to the hospital to find our son set up on heart monitors, etc.

Whoever let the dogs loose has done this before. Our son could have died because of this person or persons. I hope you see this and are ashamed of yourself. Shame on you!



Asks for support of

cemetery renewal issue

To the editor:

Election Day is quickly approaching and Lisbon residents will be asked to show their support for a very important issue that affects almost everyone in the community. The Lisbon Cemetery Board has a 3-mill renewal issue on the ballot. A yes vote will be very much appreciated and will not be a vote to raise taxes.

As residents of the community for over 40 years, we plan to make the cemetery in Lisbon our last resting place. Many of you likewise may have already made that decision. Some may be doing so in the future. Others go to the cemetery on a regular basis to pay their respects to friends and relatives who are buried there.

Regardless of the reason that we may find ourselves there, one thing I think all of us would be in agreement on is the meticulous manner in which our cemetery is maintained and cared for.

Since most of our family comes from outside the Lisbon area, we get a chance to visit other cemeteries on a regular basis. The preservation of the grounds and serene beauty of the site are second to none in the tri-state area.

The Lisbon Cemetery Board and their staff and employees should be commended for the tremendous job that they do to conserve the setting. Their work is accomplished on an extremely tight budget. In order to insure the continuation of the services being provided, they along with all of us in the community need your help and support. Vote yes on Election Day for the 3-mill Lisbon Cemetery renewal.



Reader offers facts

regarding 'Obamaphones'

To the editor:

Doesn't anybody read up on the issues they want to publicly speak out against before they put pen to paper, so to speak? I'm real tired of hearing all the complaining about "Obamaphones."

To get the facts straight we need to go back in time. In 1934 the Communications Act of 1934 stated that all people in the United States shall have access to rapid, efficient, nationwide communications service with adequate facilities at reasonable charges.

The Lifeline program, as many are familiar with, began during the term of Ronald Reagan. It was expanded to include cell phones during the term of George W. Bush. The program is paid for out of the Universal Service Fund which is a fee assessed your service providers. If you notice this fee on your cell bill, the company is passing the fee on to you.

The FCC does not require this fee to be passed on to the customer, but some companies do. There is a subsidy for these companies up to $9 and change per phone, regardless if it is a cell or landline.

Under Obama, the FCC has moved forward with reforms to the program to eliminate waste, fraud, and abuse with savings of $2 billion over the next three years.

So let's recap. The program started under Reagan. The program was expanded under George W. There have been heavy reforms under Obama.

There is something wrong with people who need to make up falsehoods about someone to get other people elected. If they can't win on their own merits, they should not win.



This reader won't be

voting for the 'man'

To the editor:

The man listened for 20 years to a preacher that said "God d... America."

The man is not against abortion.

The man is not against same sex marriage.

He's the man that apologized to other countries about America.

The man that took over when gasoline s $1.86 and now it is $3.86.

I think I will not vote for this man.



SAVNA grateful for

posting in Salem News

To the editor:

I just wanted to say thank you for posting our upcoming BP screens and flu shot clinics. We appreciate your help in keeping our community healthy and preventing the spread of disease. You do a wonderful job!


Salem Area

Visiting Nurse Association

Mayor, congregation

applauded for run-walk

To the editor:

Mayor Shane Patrone of New Waterford, Ohio, should be applauded for the Covered Bridge Run-Walk on Sept. 29 in New Waterford. Also the New Waterford Methodist Church congregation. What a great positive action for the community! Keep up the great work!


New Waterford

Think before you mark

for Craig and others

To the editor:

Dear Voters of Columbiana County: I listen to the news both locally and on a national level and I often wonder why we are not able to have people run for office that really want to look out for the middle income class of people, and for the lower income class of people? I get flyers in the mail wanting my wife and I to vote for this person or that person and laugh about it.

I look at the amount of money spent trying to get us to re-elect someone, and trying not to re-elect the person. Just do your job right and the people will know it, and you will get re-elected.

Since I can remember it was always said that the middle class people make this country go. How the middle class goes the country goes. The police,fire,teachers,etc. make up the middle class. Now we have a man running for relection that wants us to put him back in office.

That man is Craig Newbold the very man that voted for State Issue #5, and Issue 2 last year. The very ones that would have destroyed the middle class and a decent wage for all of us.

A man that follows his Republican cohorts in trying to destroy us. A man that is anti-worker and anti-union. I am neither a Republican or Democrat. I vote for who I hope will be the person that will work for all of us and not just a portion of our people.

Are we able to trust Nick Barborak, I'm not sure. But, I would trust him more than Craig Newbold. Think before you mark for Craig, or other people that will have your future in their hands.



Voters must be educated

before entering booth

To the editor:

As the general election is coming Nov. 6 I would like to remind voters to educate yourself on the candidates and issues before coming to the polling places.

Also please remember we do not have the punch cards anymore. You have to fill in the ovals next to the persons and issues of your choice. Also there is a machine for the voters that are hearing or vision impaired you can use, just ask us.

And that we have a scanner machine that scans your votes. There are two sides of the ballot. We cannot discuss what is on the ballot with you; you need to know this before you come.

All we ask is that you read and educate yourself about whom and what is on the ballot. Of course we can assist you in voting, just cannot discuss contents of the ballot with you.

You can also contact your political party or your county board of elections for more information.

You have seven candidates for president/vice president, three US senators, two US representatives, two state representatives, five county commissioners, two county treasurers, a county engineer, a county coroner, six state supreme court justices, two judges for the court of appeals, a county judge and issues 1 and 2; as your choices.



To the editor:

The longer Obama's presidency continues, especially now that we're in the newest election cycle, the more I find myself wondering how 2008 Obama voters still support him. I'll excuse the hardline Dems - they have blind party allegiance, just like many Republicans. But I can't excuse the people who stood up behind Obama because they desperately wanted to get away from the policies of the Bush administration. That was an admirable cause, though I knew then that your candidate was full of it.

We did need to move away from eight failed years of Bush policies. There were some things that happened, supposedly out of the administrations control that certainly helped our fall. But even you Republicans reading this can't deny that the Bush years really hurt us. Big deficits, big government, less freedom, big wars paid on a credit card. We came out in a bad spot.

In 2008, Obama said nothing, but he didn't have to. People wanted a change -so that's what he said, change. I can't fault those people for eating that message up, though I thought they were being duped at the time. We needed some change. Washington was shameful. What I can't figure out is, it's now 2012 and we've seen four years of Obama. What has changed? All of you people who still support him have become the exact people that you were campaigning against in 2008.

You hated the Patriot Act, Obama gave you NDAA indefinite detention and extended the Patriot Act. You hated Guantanamo, Obama promised to close it, it's still open. You hated the wars, Obama promised to end them, he not only hasn't - he's put us into other theaters. You hated out of control government spending, Obama has given you more of it. You hated lobbyists, ear-marks, government handouts, corporate welfare and crony capitalism, Obama has continued it all--and worse, appointing unelected czars to oversee things. You hated Bush's bailout. We're now many trillions from that number.

Essentially everything that Obama voters hated about Bush has not only been continued under Obama, it's all had steroids pumped into it. So I find myself wondering, how can you people still support this man? Or are you just eating out of the palm of blind ignorance?





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