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October 25, 2012
Salem News

Former mayor lends support to Sheriff Stone

To the editor:

As Betty and I prepare to make our voting decisions, the one candidate we have no second thoughts about voting for is Columbiana County Sheriff Ray Stone. Our support of Sheriff Stone's re-election has not only been confirmed by the professional public service he has shown the past four years as sheriff, but by the personal contact I had with Sheriff Stone when he served as Perry Township police chief.

For the 13 years I served as a trustee, I found Ray Stone to be a professional police officer that exhibited leadership as chief and an attitude of service for his community. He has continued to show those same attitudes as our sheriff the past four years.

What Betty and I see in Sheriff Stone is a public servant who has served Columbiana County well the past four years. There is no reason to not continue his proven service . We will be supporting his re-election as Columbiana County sheriff.


Former mayor of Salem

We must not re-elect Obama and his people

To the editor:

In this election year for the last six months we have been forced to hear Obama's negative ads trying to scare the older people about their Medicare and claiming that he saved the auto workers their jobs.

My son Daniel, a Navy doctor who served three tours in Iraq, agrees with me that the auto companies and the banks should have not received government bailouts, but instead should have gone through bankruptcy and forced to reorganize and become more efficient. Because of Obama's actions, we are so far in debt it will take many years to crawl out. The auto companies would have recovered in a short time because most Americans need to buy new cars every few years and they need to borrow money from the banks. The economy would have slowly improved without the huge deficits.

I belong to a large growing church that is more concerned about numbers of people and money than they are about telling their members about what the Bible teachers, such as being against abortion and gay marriages. The ministers and elders are concerned about the Democratic members being offended by mentioning these topics. The auto and other uniformed people, if they claim to be Christians, should decide by conscience which way they should vote. People in other churches should act like Christians and vote accordingly.

About two years ago the Republicans gained control of the House because of the high-handed way Obama-Reid and people pushed the Obama health care through Congress against the wishes of the majority of American citizens. We must not forget this in this election and not reelect Obama's people.



Council member asks for input from community

To the editor:

I'd like to reach out to the residents of Salem and ask them to participate in public meetings we will hold to address the issue of graffiti in the city.

As some of you know, the Rules and Ordinance Committee, which I chair, has met twice to discuss the issue and to try to determine how we, as a city, can address and solve the problem of graffiti vandalism.

Graffiti in Salem has been around for some time and it's not going away. If left unaddressed, it is almost certainly going to get worse. The committee met on Oct. 9 to discuss possible ordinances to deal with graffiti. One proposal required property owners to remove graffiti within a prescribed period of time. I acknowledge the comments in the Salem News indicating that victims of this crime should not be subjected to rules. I can understand this line of thought since I believe in limited government and don't want the government running every aspect of our lives. However, something needs to be done since graffiti is not getting removed.

Currently there is no requirement for property owners to remove graffiti on their property. Some quickly remove graffiti that appears and I applaud them. It shows they have pride in their property. Too many, however, do not remove graffiti. When graffiti is left to accumulate and grow, it sends out a message that we don't care.

When the city works to attract new business and showcase itself, one issue frequently raised by prospective businesses is graffiti. It leads them to question if there is a gang problem in the city. (Graffiti tags are sometimes used by gangs to mark their "turf.") So if graffiti has the effect of turning away prospective new business, then we need to get rid of it to give ourselves the best chance to convince prospects that coming to Salem is a smart choice.

In preparing for the graffiti meetings, I've done a fair amount of research. There are a number of excellent web sites dealing with graffiti and the problem of eliminating it. I urge everyone to do the same. Graffiti Hurts ( is a great starting point.

If you search for examples of how communities have successfully eliminated (or greatly controlled) graffiti, you will find that those communities took aggressive steps to deal with the issue. Most require graffiti be removed within a specified time period. In some cases the city itself does the removing in others property owners are required to remove it.

Of course, the ideal solution is to prevent graffiti in the first place, by having police presence in all places at all times. We know that is just not possible so another solution must be found.

I will be scheduling more meetings of the Rules and Ordinance Committee to discuss graffiti and I urge everyone who has an opinion to attend and give us your thoughts, suggestions, ideas, whatever you think may contribute to solving the problem. The Rules and Ordinance Committee is open to suggestions on how best to deal with this, but if we don't get input from the residents of the city, we find ourselves having to make decisions based solely on our own research and findings. So again, I urge you to participate in the upcoming meetings. Announcements of the dates will be made at City Council meetings and they will be posted on the Salem News Community Calendar.


Ward 3 councilman


Coming election harkens to certain events in past

To the editor:

As I was thinking over the coming election, it came to me how there were parallels to certain events in the past. The absolute effects of this election could be devastating. What past events am I comparing? What first comes to mind is the movie Enemy at the Gates, primarily the story of the battle for Stalingrad during WWII. Why does this come to my mind?

The overwhelming numbers of the Nazis and their vast war machine looked invincible. This election and the race for the 13th District for Congress appear this way ... daunting, impossible. So what happened in real life? A vast destruction of lives, but the absolute fierceness of the defenders who were not fighting for communism, but "Mother Russia." They prevailed by never quitting.

The other event that comes to mind is the date in history that Greece answered Mussolini on Oct. 28, 1940, with an emphatic -oxi! "No" in English. The Duce gave Greece an ultimatum to surrender or be annihilated. Their 44 million vs. Greece's seven million. You see, you must stand up against what is wrong no matter what. The result? Greece routed the invader and it took the Germans dozens of divisions to take Greece and control it. One million Greeks lost their lives, but they fought and died for righteousness. So what does all this information have to do with us?

We must stand against those people and powers who wish to destroy the American way of life. We must stop the enemy at the gates, indeed. Some are within the walls sowing discord and doubt by saying "this is a better way." Expel them, repulse them, keep the nation our founders created with the help of God let's defend our Constitution and Bill of Rights from those who would change or alter it. Therefore, Patriots, like the Greeks in October of 1940 who said "oxi" -let us also give the enemy at the gates and those who try to destroy our way of life an answer, "oxi." Say "no" to the administration and its puppets. Say "no" to all the minions of Socialism. Never surrender to evil. Say "no" to those who will lead us down the primrose path that will extinguish the American flame of liberty.

Finally, I noticed a statement which has been there for decades on the building that was once St. Mary's School in Warren, OH, it says: "Pro Deo - Pro Patria."

In other words, "For God, for Country." Look how far we have strayed, God is removed and kicked out and our country is under assault to alter and abolish its values and principals from which those brave Americans fought and died for in the Revolution. Repulse the enemy at the gates. Say an emphatic "no" to those who are rejecting the principals in our Constitution and Declaration of Independence. May God always Bless America.

Please support Romney and Dr. Marisha Agana in their goal of restoring America to the values and traditions found in our Constitution and Declaration of Independence.



Candidate Barborak should stick to the facts

To the editor:

Recently, the Ohio Democratic Party mailed an attack ad against Craig Newbold. My first thought was: "Hasn't Mr. Barborak done anything that they could use to promote him in a positive light, instead of sinking to misleading mudslinging again?"

They said, " Newbold took $499 thousand for his own organization in federal stimulus money". They referenced an article from May 30, 2010they apparently just didn't bother to actually read the article. Quoting from The Review, " The Laus Deo (Latin for "Praise be to God") Foundation is a private nonprofit foundation begun in the 1990s by Craig and Rose Newbold of Columbiana.

Last October the foundation was awarded $499,000 in stimulus money through the U.S. Department of Agriculture to start a program for loaning money to new and existing small businesses." The truth is that in 2008 the foundation decided to apply for a competitive grant that would directly benefit small and emerging businesses with a focus on creating jobs in Columbiana County. The truth is that the grant application was submitted by, reviewed and awarded to the Laus Deo Foundation, NOT to Craig Newbold, in 2009 long before Mr. Newbold even considered serving in public office. The truth is the grant award of $499,000 went directly and entirely to the foundation's small business loan program.

To date the foundation has made 16 loans, totaling $713,000 loaned in Columbiana County and 65 jobs were initially created or retained. The foundation has helped businesses in Salem, Lisbon, Leetonia, East Palestine, Columbiana, East Liverpool, and Wellsville.

The foundation's small business loan program has, in fact, been a huge success and our record of economic development, job creation and small business support is exceptional. $713,000 injected into the small business community of this county is no small feat and the foundation's loan program is something that can be held up as an example of what is working in our county! The 65 plus jobs that support 65 plus families are also something to be commended not misrepresented.

The truth is that the Newbolds have not gained one penny from the Foundation, and, in fact, have given of their own personal monies to the small business loan program. Craig Newbold put his money where his mouth is and supported Columbiana County's vital small businesses, and the jobs they create, long before he ever ran for any state office, and he has continued that dedication while serving in office. Mr. Barborak has seemingly chosen to use his voice, through misleading advertising, just to try to manipulate voters. The truth is that even though you are running a political agenda, Mr. Barborak, you should still be expected to stick to the factual truth, and it would be appreciated if you stuck to political topics and not the misrepresentation of a non political Foundation that is working diligently to help the small business community of Columbiana County and to foster job creation here.


East Liverpool,

Manager, Laus Deo


Small business loan


Choosing Romney will not improve anything

To the editor:

Dear voters:

I am amazed that this Presidential race is still up in the air. I guess if you tell a lie long enough, (old adage), the lie looks like the truth.

Romney started a long time ago with his lies. He promised his own party fractions, such as the conservative wing that he supported them and would take care of them. Then he moved even more to the right to get his party nomination from Tea Party voters. Now he is presenting himself as a man for all the people, including that 47 percent that he spoke so eloquently about. Wishy-washy.

He is for Romney not America. Even the aides that worked for his dad don't trust him. He is attached to so much money that you can even see the strings as they are being pulled.

Yes, he is charming So is Mr. Obama. Yes Romney can debate - but that is because he says nothing of substance. Yes, he can act. Mr. Obama is not acting while doing everything he can to turn this country around. Acting is what Romney is all about.

Ohio's economy is on the mend maybe not in all sectors yet, but it is definitely better. We are not "bleeding" jobs anymore. We are moving in the right direction and we need to continue this path. Women have a chance to receive equal pay for equal work and health care. Everyone has a chance to have Medicare not just what an insurance company decides we can purchase. We do not need any more wars or weapons that the Pentagon doesn't even want.

We do not need to give the wealthy any tax breaks if they cared about creating jobs they would have done so already. They will not create any jobs with more tax breaks. They just ship them overseas and the profits to secrete accounts. We do not need to remove all protections we have from unscrupulous wall street CEOs and energy CEOs who want to rape our bank accounts and our land.

Don't sell our country out to the highest bidder. Choosing Romney will not improve anything for anyone but his puppeteers.



Harvest Festival Comm. offers thanks for support

To the editor:

On Friday, Oct. 5, EDI Central (in Lisbon) hosted its 15th annual harvest festival. The Harvest Festival Committee would like to thank all that helped in some way to make it a success.

We would also like to give recognition to the following schools: United, Crestview and Beaver Local, for the help their students provided.

Thank you to all the merchants who so graciously donated a product or gift certificate of some kind, and to the public for coming and participating in our ticket auction, 50/50 drawing and garage sale.

And a special thank you to all the staff members and committee for pulling this event together.





Harvest Festival Committee

Feels nation is becoming 'socialist, Marxist' country

To the editor:

With the general election fast approaching, we all should reflect on the last four years under our present leader. The one question we should ask ourselves, is the country better off today then back in 2009 when he took office? I don't think so. The country is headed in a direction that most people won't like. The President is turning our nation into a socialist, Marxist country, where there is less freedom and the government is involved in everything we do. That's something that we don't want to happen. Quite a few people don't even know what is going on in this country. They vote on party lines. When you vote, you should know what issues are at stake. I am a registered Democrat and have been voting for many years, but I vote for the person that I think will be the best individual for the country.

Our current president surrounds himself with radicals, socialist and communists. He has received endorsements from the likes of Hugo Chavez and Louis Farrakhan. All the so called "czars" he has appointed are extremists. He has turned his back on our ally Israel, which are the only friends we have in the Middle East. He is trying to cover-up the Benghazi attack in which four of our people were murdered, including the ambassador. He favors the Muslims over Americans. That is very evident by all of his apologies. Another cover-up he is involved in is "Fast and Furious," where guns were sold to the Mexican cartels -with a sting operation focused at embarrassing the NRA. But that failed and resulted in the murder of a border guard.

Another four years of this man's undermining our country and transforming it into a socialist state, people will wake up, but it will be too late. We as a nation have two choices: either pull together or end up watching the death of our free democratic society. Our biggest enemy is a contingent of evil politicians in Washington.


East Liverpool

Feels a vote will never determine an election

To the editor:

In the Oct. 10 Morning Journal, and Salem News on Oct. 21, Julie Magill wrote: "I had two run-ins with family members recently that I find hard to understand. One was a question of if they were going to vote: One reply was "maybe...the other was...undecided."

Julie appears to take these positions as somewhere between a moral flaw and treason.

Obviously Julie believes two of many lies that we have been spoon-fed since grade school:

A. Everyone should vote:

Many people have no clue as to what they are voting for or against. These people do not know what proposals are being made, and what these proposals really mean. How can it be good for an uninformed person to vote? It should be obvious that the reason that we have so many awful "representatives" is not because too few people vote but rather the problem is that too many uninformed and special interest people do vote.

Even people who take the time and energy necessary to make an "educated" vote find it difficult, if not impossible, to find the candidate's real position on many important issues. Many candidates go out of their way to obfuscate their positions on the important issues. All that you hear from most politicians are platitudes and hot button minutia. Even if politicians firmly state their positions once elected we find that most either do not carry through or worse take the exact opposite position after they are elected. For example Obama preached "transparency" during his campaign. But, "transparency" has been the exception -?not the rule. We fail to hold politicians to their word. It has become so bad that most people accept that most politicians are lying.

In many cases there is no good choice to be made - at best you are voting for the least lousy candidate. How can a thinking person bring himself to vote for the best looking horse in the glue factory?

Is the election determined by who has the most campaign lawn signs? If not, why are there thousands of these signs that tell us nothing about the candidate except for his/her name and desired position? Does anyone actually vote for a person because he/she saw a name on a sign? If these meaningless signs don't influence the vote why are millions of dollars spent on them? And if people vote based on these meaningless signs isn't this an indication that these people should not be voting?

B. Every vote is important:

I have voted for more than 40 years and my vote has NEVER made a difference - even in local elections. My vote has never decided an election; therefore, the outcome was no different than if I had not voted. So how can anyone contend that my vote was important? As far as I can tell there was never a major election in which an individual vote decided the outcome - again how can any individual vote be important? The chance of your vote deciding an election is less likely than your getting killed driving to the polling place.





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