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November 25, 2012
Salem News

Church in downtown

To the editor:

I write this letter in total amazement at the article on the front page of the Salem News on Nov. 8. Did anyone else take offense to someone saying church doesn't belong downtown? God belongs everywhere!

In the vicinity of two to three blocks either way there are four other well-established churches. We aren't going anywhere. Why should Tri-County? It has been there for several years.

This is coming from a city that allows several tattoo parlors and a yellow, green, and orange neon garbage can on the outside of a building on State Street. You need to get your priorities straight. Salem was founded by the Quakers who believed in God.



The right to bear arms

To the editor:

Who should decide who has the right to bear arms? Not the president! This is written in the second amendment to our constitution. We should all agree that it is a law. What makes Mr. Obama think that we will sit silently and allow him to continue on this path?

We must take positive action! He tells us "these are weapons that are designed for soldiers in war, not for our streets" but instead of Americans using them in war they are taken, given to terrorists, and used against us.

As in the recent attack in Bengasi, Libya, on Sept. 11, this scandal that our president covered up took the lives of four American citizens.

These Americans were killed in Bengasi because of an uprising he wouldn't stop. In fact he watched the attack from the White House and would not even authorize a drone to go assist members of a Seal team. There were other special ops teams that were ready to go, within an hour of the attack, yet all were told to stand down.

Other Americans in the area of the attack were asking for back up including the CIA. Mr. Obama forced men to ignore the calls for help from their fellow Americans and refused to respect the unwritten rule that, "no man is left behind."

What was our president thinking? That we're just going to ignore this and not stand up for the rights of fellow Americans murdered in the line of duty? Let's wake up America! We need change in Washington!



Congress must act

To the editor:

The American dream isn't about working hard, investing wisely and spending sensibly in order to leave something for Uncle Sam. But farmers and other family business owners will be required to do just that unless Congress acts to maintain existing provisions of the federal estate tax.

When it's time to meet our maker, what's left behind should be for our kids, not the IRS. A Tax Foundation survey of more than 2,000 Americans rated estate taxes the most unfair of all taxes. Sixty-four percent of Ohioans supported last year's elimination of the state's death tax.

Nobody likes Washington double-dipping. Farmers and family business owners have already paid income, sales, capital gains, real estate and sometimes even previous estate taxes on everything they've built over a lifetime. A tax that exists just to tax again is just plain wrong.

This is also a jobs issue. Farm and family business earnings are poured back into land, buildings and equipment, which boosts the local economy, but often leaves insufficient cash to pay the death tax when the owner passes away.

Heirs are forced to sell all or part of their heritage to cover the government's covetous tab, which results in fewer local businesses to hire local employees. Overly burdensome estate taxes kill jobs.

When a lifetime of paying taxes comes to an end, fairness demands legacies be handed down to families, not handed over to the tax man. Please join Ohio Farm Bureau in asking Congress to maintain existing provisions of the federal estate tax.


Executive vice president,

Ohio Farm

Bureau Federation

Misleading and insulting

To the editor:

The latest in misleading and insulting opinions comes from Leonard Pitts, columnist for the Miami (Fla.) Herald. Pitts's headline of "GOP's biggest problem is itself" in the opinion section dated Wednesday, Nov. 14, rings true but not to his specifications. Pitts tries to forward the myth of "White Privilege" that was concocted to avoid the glaring failure, "The War on Poverty."

Anyone who practices hard work and sacrifice will resent forced contributions under the guise, it's only fair. The real problems lies in the indoctrination of the youth in America. If your children believe they can only succeed with government help and approval then that isn't very impressive.


East Liverpool



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