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January 20, 2013
Salem News

What's efficient about throwing away nearly $71,000?

To the editor:

Good news! Salem News spread the word that the state of Ohio has rejected the request of the city of Salem to do an efficiency study funded with a loan from the state of Ohio expected to result in a cost of approximately $71,000.

This is an idea rejected in the past for good reason and with the election of the new mayor and several new council members has regained traction for another shot at throwing away good money at a bad idea.

Let us assume the new study would find some missed effort at efficiency, what then would the city do with the information? Present it to the unions and expect them to accept any changes to their represented members that could/would result in possible added work and or possible elimination of a position for the union member? You got to be kidding me! I refer you to the failed attempt at eliminating the fire department just a few years ago and the hullabaloo that created.

If our city management is determined to throw away upwards of $70,000 then do it at a reduced cost based on a flat fee with a regional company that specializes in efficiency studies as they relate to running a small community, such as Salem.





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