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February 24, 2013
Salem News

Roses from a reader for the recycling changes at the city hall location. Sliding doors means no more hefting loads up and over into the bins. The elderly and not quite so strong appreciate that. And, eliminating sorting makes it easier for everyone.

Roses for quick-thinking bank employees at the Home Savings and Loan down in Glenmoor. Workers got the license number of an Einstein who robbed the bank in, yes, broad daylight Tuesday while getting away in a car that cops were easily able to track down a very short time later because of its clearly displayed license plates. No, we're not talking a calculating Dillinger here.

Thorns for shots being fired last weekend at two in the morning outside of a popular Salem nightclub. This follows a meth lab being recently uncovered and two Molotov cocktails found near the downtown. Not to mention a meth lab blowing up in nearby Alliance last week. Then there is the guy from Beloit. He was charged Wednesday with a first degree felony for having a meth lab in his home. Oh, a home where his 8-year-old child was when the cops arrived. Yeah, right. Nice parenting skills. We repeatedly mention the break-ins, robberies, beatings and domestics around here. Granted there has always been crime. Only the naive would believe otherwise. However a plague of crime is upon us and the brunt of the locust are drug dependent. It is not the general area, not the Salem we used to know. That is indisputable. You can't blame it all - some yes, all no -on absentee landlords. Although some kind of rigid guidelines need to be put into place regarding zoning and leasing requirements. Many homes in this area are used as drug distribution houses. That is common knowledge.

Roses for a proactive citizen making an effort to turn a bag containing white powdery substance over to the Salem cops. Given that it was discovered in a house on South Howard Avenue, not all that far from where a meth lab was found last week, makes you want to raise an eyebrow. Could it have been something harmless, like, oh say, a bag of sugar? Sure. But given all going on, it was probably an illegal substance. What a shock that would be.

Roses and a big group hug to members of the Heartland Christian girls basketball team. The Lions lost to Columbiana Monday, 75-6. That's six points as in one, two, three, four, five, six. Heartland is a young team and it showed. Despite being outmanned (outgirled?) the Lions kept hustling and playing hard until the game's merciful final seconds. That kind of approach is something more important long-term than anything that showed up on a scoreboard.

Roses to the Salem boys basketball team under head coach Rich Hart. The Quakers had a great regular season, going 16-6 heading into tourney play. Roses to record-breaking senior Ryan Bush. He broke long-standing single game and season scoring records this season. Extra roses for Bush quickly giving credit to his teammates. Being humble and sharing the glory is something more important long-term than anything that showed up on a stat sheet.

Roses and a slice of birthday cake to the father of a certain editor who turned 90 Wednesday past. Having a father in your life for so long is a blessing. Having a father who is also a best friend in your life for so long is a true blessing. Thank you, Pop. You are what being a decent, caring person is all about. It's an honor to be your son.



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