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March 17, 2013
Salem News

Roses for Girl Scout cookies and roses for the Girl Scouts period. The organization just celebrated its annual salute to the Girl Scouts week. Today, Girl Scouts of the USA has a membership of over 3.2 million girls and adults in every residential zip code and in 90 countries. Nearly 60 million living women in the U.S. today are Girl Scout alumnae. How's that for staying power? Now pass the thin mints.

Roses for Easter egg hunts. We've listed a number of them going on in our area including a long-standing favorite, the UCT hunt at Centennial Park. It will be held March 30 - a day before an early Easter. For sheer volume, there's the March 24 hunt at Realife Church. Hundreds of kids attend this huge event which features over 18,000 eggs. Nobody goes home from there with an empty basket.

Thorns to news coming from the county treasurer's office about two investments determined to violate policy and state law. There could be more. This shouldn't be compared to the 1993 investment scandal that knocked the county back into an economic stone age. Nobody here is suggesting theft. Nobody here is suggesting fraud. Lack of accountability? How could you not believe that? We are talking tax dollars. Your tax dollars, our tax dollars, everyone's tax dollars in this county. This is distressing. Especially the lack of documentation. Don't ask how the words "lack of documentation" would ever be included in a conversation about taxpayer money being invested. We don't have the answer to that. No money is believed to have been lost. But there is the issue of interest income being overstated by some $118,000 that will impact the county's general fund budget. There - per usual when it comes to about anything in our county -will be some screaming "it's all about politics" over the findings announced by treasurer Linda Bolon. She is a Democrat and succeeded current state rep Nick Barborak, a fellow Dem. All three commissioners are Republicans. We will give props to Bolon for uncovering what she did less than three months into office. Certainly some validation for those putting her in office. Her experiences of serving six years previously in the same position and also in the state auditor's office serves her well. That is reassuring. But this whole deal is very messy.

Thorns to those making crude, damaging and vicious comments on our web postings. We had some like that, believe it or not, attached to our story regarding the death of a young girl from Salem killed in a car accident. You can't read them now because we removed them. Brutalizing the dead is about as low and bad as a person can get. Such idiots also ruin it for others - and we do have many like this - who conduct mature interactions on our web. They often disagree with each other but do it through a healthy discourse.?It's just like a lot of other things: a few ruin it for all the others.

Thorns to the latest crime wave in Salem. It involves the theft of copper ground wiring from utility poles within the city. And to show you how desperate the thieves - most likely hopheads - are: there is a distinct risk of electrocution. Of course that possibility exists not just for the idiots but for an innocent person coming across a line that was infringed. Another example of a changing Salem.

Roses, again, for the United Local girls basketball team. We sort of goofed last week when we passed out roses. The Golden Eagles won a district championship before bowing out in the regional. We had that part screwed up. Besides the district, a very successful season included a school-record 24 wins including a school-best 16 game winning streak and a fifth straight ICL championship. Well done and best of luck to the graduating seniors off of the squad.



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