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April 14, 2013
Salem News

Disappointed with Salem Youth Baseball League

To the editor:

I am very disappointed in Salem Youth Baseball this year.

Both of my boys have spent many years playing in the league and have always looked forward to it each year. This year, however, my 13-year-old was told he had to "try out" for the team since there weren't enough kids for two teams and too many for one team.

Isn't youth baseball supposed to be about fun and learning about teamwork? Obviously, the website is lying when it states that any child up to the age of 18 can participate. Why not take all the kids and have them take turns playing at each game? So I guess the parents who already paid for their child to play are just refunded their money if their child is "cut?"

I think this is ignorant, and if it is a matter of some rule within the league, then it needs to be changed. It is a youth program in the community, not a school sport. I will no longer support Salem Youth Baseball.



Circle of Care thankful for help with open house

To the editor:

Circle of Care would like to thank the following for assisting us with our recent open house. A big thank you goes out to the Salem Chamber ambassadors, and the honorable Mayor Berlin for supporting our ribbon-cutting event. Also, thank you to Ms. Janice Lesher for choosing our new name.

Thank you to:

Salem News, Care Point Partners, Home Instead Senior Care, The Alzheimer's Foundation, Cornerstone Healthcare, Walgreens, Southern Care, Boardman Medical, Rite Aid, KLG, Caretenders, Alliance Community Hospital, Salem Community Hospital, and the excellent staff of Circle of Care who really make a difference in our residents' lives. Their contributions and support was so appreciated and we are excited that these health care providers embrace the Circle of Care we provide to our community.

Remember, every Friday Circle of Care is now offering free blood pressure, glucose, and pulse oximetry checks for community seniors. So please stop by and meet our team.



Shocked that small knives will be allowed on planes

To the editor:

I was shocked to learn the decision coming from TSA to allow small knives on flights after April 25.

TSA head John Pistole needs to visit Shanksville, Pa., site of Flight 93, downed by terrorists. Remember 911, three other planes were crashed by the same group. The killers used box cutters to take over the planes. The small knives he is allowing have a longer blade than a box cutter and in the hands of terrorists are very lethal.

I called my senators and congressmen in Washington, D.C., urging them to vote for a bill stopping TSA allowing small knives on planes. We need "fly the friendly skies" and keep them safe.



Victim of house burning praises community support

To the editor:

To my community:

I knew I lived in a good community at Guilford Lake. But after my house burned it seems as though the people of Salem, New Garden and Guilford, have raised the bar more than a notch.

I want to thank my neighbors for always being there when I needed help, the volunteer fire departments (yes plural) for a large turnout on that Friday afternoon, the Red Cross for contacting me immediately, the area churches for their generous donations, the local businesses and patrons for their support, my family for their effort and love and whoever has helped after this letter was written.

You may have noticed there are no individuals named. The people and organizations who have helped me know who they are and even I have no idea how many people are "behind the scenes."

I do know all these people didn't help to get recognition but because of the spirit in their hearts and that is what makes a community.

I have been humbled but I'm still standing and I'm extremely proud to be a member of this community.

Again, thank you all.



Urges support for Meals on Wheels volunteers

To the editor:

You never know when you might be in need of Columbiana Area Meals on Wheels, and we never think it could be us, but before my husband passed away we were receiving Meal on Wheels and it was a great help to us. When circumstances occur within a family that are beyond our control and help is needed, Meals on Wheels are there.

Please support these volunteers for Meals on Wheels in the Columbiana Area, as so many are dependent on their acts of kindness. These meals are delivered by volunteers who give of their time one day a week for one to two hours. Most are retired, one gentleman is in his 90's. Anyone wishing to volunteer can get in touch with Columbiana Area Meals on Wheels.



Praise for West Virginia for closing loopholes

To the editor:

Good for West Virginia for trying to close loopholes that the Freedom of Information Act and Open Meetings laws generated that are used to violate our Fourth Amendment rights and Privacy Acts.

The FOIA and Open Meetings laws are to protect the citizen from corrupt bureaucrats not to give the media open access to lists of citizens with concealed carry permits. What creditably is there to someone who states they know of no one who published such a list when a New York newspaper did.

My guess is that since the local media didn't publish that story it just didn't happen. Neither the press and the public in general are entitled to know who among us are on a concealed carry permit list. The reasons for that are obvious.

A spokesperson for the media is trying to profess that they can see into the hearts of men. That the list of individuals with concealed carry permits is no different than a list of known sex offenders in a neighborhood.

The ongoing attempt to infringe on Americans Second Amendment rights is just as serious today as when King George ordered the confiscation of all Americans' flintlock rifles in 1775.


East Liverpool

Once again dealing with the Second Amendment

To the editor:

The Senate is currently debating closing what they call the "Gun Show Loophole." This is the situation where a firearms transaction takes place during a gun show that a background check is not done.

The vast majority of gun show exhibitors are dealers. They hold Federal Firearm Licenses (FFL) and by law are required to perform background checks for every gun they sell both in their stores and at gun shows.

What you see at gun shows are a few individuals who have guns that they are carrying around for sale. They are not dealers and do not have FFLs. If they meet someone, and can negotiate a deal, they can sell the gun to the other individual without a background check. This is known as a personal / casual gun sale and does not require a background check by law at this time. It has always been considered a personal property rights issue in that you can dispose of your property as you see fit without government intervention.

What the Senate is attempting to do is to require a background check for every transfer. Thus, every time a gun changes hands, no matter the circumstance, the owner of the gun would need to seek out an FFL and pay them to do a background check on the recipient of that gun. Even if the owner has known the recipient their entire life, is a neighbor, or the gun is a gift, or the recipient is a family member a background check would be required.

As far as this legislation leading to gun registration, there already is gun registration. The form 4473, that a gun buyer must fill out as part of the current background check process, is by law to be kept in perpetuity by the FFL. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms audits every FFL's records constantly to make sure those forms are complete and being stored properly. Thus there is a record of every gun transaction that has taken place since the law was passed and implemented 15 years ago. If that isn't gun registration, what is?

A current headline "California Gun Confiscation Program to be National Model" accentuates the potential problem with this new legislation. California is constantly cross-referencing its gun registry with criminal and mental health records. About 15 to 20 previously "legal" gun owners are added to the list daily, all of sudden making them criminals for owning a firearm. The California Senate approved a $24 million expenditure to accelerate the confiscation of guns from people who have been disqualified from owning them. California is currently the only U.S. state where law enforcement officials confiscate guns from the homes of individuals not legally permitted to own them.

Let me refer back to the headline "to be National Model." This is being touted as a model for future federal legislation. Obamacare will enable the government to access medical records, determine if there has been any mental health intervention, cross reference those with background check records, and create a list of confiscation targets. The Toomey-Manchin proposal will allow a doctor to add a patient to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) without ever telling the patient he or she has been added. There would be no due process requirement. This is why we cannot permit mental illness to be a reason to forfeit a person's Second Amendment rights.

Nations and societies can be differentiated into two broad categories, either "rule of law" governments or "rule of men" governments. The former protects individuals from government enslavement by providing a solid foundation of rules which define governing. History has proven that without this adherence to a concrete structure where the law is preeminent, a nation will ultimately slide into tyranny.

Arbitrary application of laws permits the powerful to pick winners and losers. The government defines what they consider "mental deficiency" in the eyes of the law. By arbitrarily shifting that definition, they can control gun ownership to whomever they choose. Psychiatry is not an exact science. There is no black and white when it comes to deciding who is mentally deficient. There cannot be a solid foundation for the application of these laws since there is no definitive definition of who will be affected by them (mentally deficient). Thus this opens Pandora's Box to enable the rule of men to dictate who can own guns. Do we want bureaucrats to have that kind of power over our defense against tyranny? For example, you disagree with the government so you are obviously mentally deficient and the swat team with a battering ram shows up and knocks down your front door. Is that the America our Founding Fathers designed and the country you want to live in?





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