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November 10, 2013
Salem News

Perry Twp. candidate thanks her supporters

To the editor:

I would like to take a moment to publicly thank all of you who encouraged me to seek the position of trustee; who supported me along the way; who allowed me to have a campaign sign in your yard; and who made the choice to vote for me.

I would like to congratulate all of the candidates and wish them only the best.

I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge and thank Mr. David W. Johnson who four years ago asked me to run for president of council. I have loved this elected position and I am comfortable with my accomplishments.

But there comes a time in your life when you walk away from all the drama and people who create it.

You surround yourself with people who make you laugh.

You try to forget the ugliness of politics and focus on the good.

You love the people who treat you right and you pray for the ones who don't. You try to always take the high road.

Life is too short to be anything but happy. Falling down is part of life. Getting up is living.




We should all recognize contributions of veterans

To the editor:

Veterans Day is a time to recognize the contributions of those who have served. Despite the efforts of the enemies of freedom, America remains the last best hope for the world because of the tremendous efforts of those who have served. From Luzon to Kandahar to Fallujah, the forces of good have triumphed over evil, to keep the world safe for Democracy, because of those who dedicate their lives to protect our values.

We continue to field the best military in the world, in large part because of the determination of our men and women in uniform, but also because we have continually refused to be second best when it comes to outfitting all branches of the military with the very best in equipment and the latest technology.

It's my sincere hope that we continue to strive to give our troops the best of the best, like the next generation F-35 fighter jet and other advanced military technologies to dissuade would-be enemies from challenging the USA. Even in these uncertain economic times we must never forget that there are many that seek to displace our military superiority.

We haven't become the best by settling for second best. It's my hope, as Marine veteran, that President Obama, Senator Portman, Senator Brown, and our entire Ohio Congressional Delegation continue to equip our men and women in the Armed Forces with the latest and greatest.

Semper Fi.



State representative

51st District


A special message for honoring all veterans

To the editor:

The National Director of Communications for the Disabled American Veterans (The DAV) sent a speech to all the local chapters as suggestion for Veterans Day the Nov. 11.

I read it and thought it very good and a bit different than the typical one given on that holiday. I would like to touch on the high points and perhaps you could print them this Veterans Day.

Many Novembers ago, right around this time in 1783, at Rocky Hill, N. J., just six years before he would serve as the first elected leader of this great nation, General George Washington was bidding his farewell to the Continental Army.

The speech went on to say that Washington thought himself a citizen farmer but he was also a veteran.

"And as so many of us have done in our lives, he closed the chapter on military service to transition to a new life and new ways to serve his fellow citizens."

Washing was quoted to say "Shall not the brave men who have contributed so essentially to these inestimable acquisitions, retiring victorious from the field of war, to the field of agriculture, participate in all the blessings which have been obtained?"

Washington's core beliefs bled through each line of his farewell, calling to the forefront the obligation of our nation to embrace her veterans and share with them the fruits of labor so hard won by years of revolution.

Again directly from Washington.

"Officers and soldiers may expect considerable assistance in recommencing their civil occupations from the sums due them from the public, which must and will most inevitably be paid."

Simply put, he said we must fulfill our promises to those who had served.

By choosing to attend Veterans Day observances we demonstrate that we believe in fulfilling those promises. As members of the DAV we have continued to be deeply committed to that cause for nearly a century.

The speech continued, we Americans should be inspired with "astonishment and gratitude" for the liberties and freedoms which have been secured by those willing to undertake the tremendous burdens of war.

Washington said "Even the most unobservant citizen could not help but take note of the 'unparalleled perseverance' of the armies of the United States, though almost every possible suffering and discouragement, for the space of eight long years."

General Washington believed that for his soldiers to be standing after eight years of war was nothing short of a miracle.

Our military today has been at war for twelve years. How then can we owe our returning servicemen and women any less than Washington called for then?

Think of the veteran who, as Washington said " must now console himself for any unpleasant circumstances which have occurred, by a recollection of the uncommon scenes in which he has been called to act, no inglorious part, the astonishing events of which he has been a witness."

The needs of that veteran, a Continental Army soldier from 230 years in our past, are not so different from the needs of our veterans today.

They need jobs and they need a livelihood. They need to be welcomed home with a stalwart commitment to their physical and emotional healing. They need time to adjust to a pace and a mission not determined by constant conflict, and a community that understands and is ready to meet the unique needs of veterans, particularly those touched by illness or injury.

When he gave his farewell speech Washington had just led his troops through those eight long years of war and suffering. Under his leadership, that soldier and farmer oversaw the birth and growth of this nation. The blood of his military soaked the soil that would one day yield the America we know today. From there forward, every man and woman fortunate enough to live here as a free American citizen and every person who has sought refuge within the safety of our borders has done so at the cost of a veteran's sacrifice.

This is why this centuries-old commitment to veterans remains DAV's charge today. It is not the sacrifice of one veteran, but of all veterans of all American wars that have afforded us the opportunity to stand here today in freedom. And it is the reason we continue to fight for better, more fulfilling lives for our military veterans and their families day in and day outwhich is not just an obligation, but also an outstanding honor and our duty as grateful Americans.

Thank you for the opportunity to share this speech and allowing the DAV and myself to show gratitude and respect for those who have served. May God bless each of you and may God bless the United States of America and our nations veterans.


Chapter #122

Salem DAV commander


Challenges premise of recent editorial

To the editor:

On Nov. 1 there was an editorial in the Salem News titled "Liberal policies increase poverty." In that article the author stated, "In 2007, just before the so-called "Great Recession" started, 13.1 percent of Buckeye State residents lived in households with less than poverty-rate incomes, according to the Census Bureau."

The author went on to use the base number of 13.1 percent to support their claim that liberal policies increase poverty.

I challenge that premise.

Why did the writer use the 2007 instead of the 2008 poverty rate? I suppose you could say that the Great Recession started in 2007, but President Bush certainly did not enact any liberal policies during that time. President Obama did not take office until January of 2009. So once again, why use a 2007 number?

The answer is simply that by 2008 the poverty rate in Ohio had risen from 13.1 percent to 15.2 percent and was accelerating rapidly. The author of the article is not being honest by using a number from 2007 when by 2008 things had become much, much worse and President Obama had yet to even win the 2008 election, let alone enact any policy to begin to slow the rapidly declining economy.

In reality President Obama, by helping the United States auto industry, to survive was able to stabilize the economy slowing Ohioans slide into poverty. There is absolutely no evidence to suggest that liberal policies were in any way responsible for the increased the rate of poverty in Ohio after he took office.

This story reminds me of a student and an instructor flying a remote control airplane. When the student loses control and the plane is 20 feet off the deck diving into the ground, he hands the remote control to the instructor and then asks the instructor why he crashed the plane.

Aircraft barreling toward the ground do not make a u-turn in 20 feet. Economies, like that of the United States economy, do not turn around on a dime. Everyone with any sense knows this. To suggest that liberal policies increase poverty based on this data is simply false information.




What is happening to this country?

To the editor:

What in the name of common sense is happening to this country? When a child at the tender age of 6 brings a miniature gun the size of a quarter to school and another child cuts the image of a hand gun from paper? What kind of hysterical behavior on the part of the schools are we dealing with when these kids are expelled from their classes as though they had committed a grievous offense?

Going back to my school days, had a teacher stood in front of the class and attempted to disavow the use of guns he would of have been greeted with loud boos.

This policy of zero tolerance involving firearms that is taking place in many of our grade schools is the handy work of the far left and other groups which I cannot put my finger on. It appears there is an ongoing attempt to erase an entire culture from our society. A culture that has played a mayor roll in the creation and sustaining of this country.

What better place to begin then with those young minds who are too young to evaluate and decide for their self? Our kids are being brainwashed by many of our schools and teachers whose apparent goal is to abolish our current system of values and government and replace it with a government that will be in control of all aspects of our lives.

Are we people who have known the sweet taste of personal freedom for so long willing to give it all up for the fake promises of a none existing Utopia?

We had better wake up and become aware of what is going on around us because this is just another step toward a socialist government and to quote our president. "The Fundamental Transformation of our current system of government."




In defense of President Obama

To the editor:

In response to a letter to the editor titled "Down the road," by Elmon Smith, Columbiana.

It's so popular these days to claim that President Obama has the goal of "destroying America," and people will compare him to dictators like Hitler and Stalin. I think what they fail to realize is that extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. Just because President Obama has political views and policies that you don't like, or has political views and policies that could even be called "objectively bad," isn't nearly enough to make the bizarre claim that he is actively out to destroy the country. You're going to need a lot more than just ad hominem attacks and a few small bits of potentially understandable criticism against him.

And to compare Obama to dictators? Has Obama initiated genocide? Has Obama started world conquest, or demanded worship and reverence from the citizenry, or done anything that real dictators actually do? No. Those claims are huge over exaggerations.

And, lastly, for the national debt, it is the case that it is rising faster and faster with each successive presidency. This has nothing to do with one specific president or even with one specific political party. It is a problem, but you can't just blame it all on one man whom you don't like.

It will be acknowledged that not every president is perfect. But unsubstantiated claims about Obama wanting to destroy the country will just get in the way of real, reasonable, legitimate political discussion. Sensationalism and fear-spreading will only hinder attempts at rational political discourse.





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