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February 17, 2014
Salem News

Upset with lack of consideration toward walkers

To the editor?

Is it me, or does the city officials and the residents of the city of Salem have no consideration for the school children and the adults who walk in this town?

This year I have noticed, and especially since the last snowfall, that the majority of the residents of this town do not clean their walks. This goes for the city as well, as they do not clean the areas they are responsible for.

The overpass is the worst I have ever seen. You could not walk over it if you tried. The street corners are so plowed shut you have to walk in the street to get around. The children have to stand on the street in order to wait for the buses and visibility is also diminished due to the high piles of snow.

Do we not have an ordinance on the books that states the sidewalks must be cleared and if not you could be cited? Why is this not being enforced?

I have read in the local news that people are warned about soliciting to shovel snow, so if the city has time to find these subjects, what about going around the town and citing those who do not take care of their walks and the city itself should be cited also.

I saw the city trucks plow the snow from street into crosswalks and the curb lawns. I know they had nowhere to put it, but where were the other crews after the initial snowfall who should have opened these areas up? We have two loaders, a skid steer and dump trucks that should have been brought out to remove this snow.

We have funeral homes and business that are paying to have their snow removed and our city officials cannot seem to care enough about this town they represent to do this.

I read that the city had a huge cash carryover from last year, so there is no excuse for not getting this done.

I have lived in this town for 36 years and this is without a doubt the worst I have ever seen it. I am upset after almost striking a student in the street who was waiting for a bus. Who would have been cited, me for not seeing the child due to the snow, the child for standing in the street or the city who failed to open up the crosswalk after they plowed them shut?

I feel that the mayor and the service director of the city of Salem owe an explanation to the residents why things have not been taken care of.





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