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163 days ago.
by TripleD

Ammo Watch

Due to the extreme difficulty to locate ammunition for most popular calibers, please use this forum to report in-stock ammo at local or national stores. Cross-posted to the Morning Journal.


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Salem Walmart now has 223 and 556 in stock. The other day I actually saw 100 round boxes of 9mm on the shelves. It was gone last time I checked but it is a sign that ammo in more calibers is becoming available. I was able to find 9mm FMJ online at sportsmans guide. They have been having free shipping deals and the price was $275 for 1000 rounds.

Posted 163 days ago.


REALLY need someone to load up a dozen or so 16ga (preferred) or 12ga blanks for Shotgun starts for events at Salem Golf Club. Have 16ga empties.

Posted 350 days ago.


.22LR at Runzo's are 40 round (?) boxes of American Eagle, Made by Federal.

I've never seen a 40 round box of .22 before.

Posted 368 days ago.


2nd Amendment Infringement bill fails in the Senate!

Another crummy, let's hurry up, garbage bill. Every one of the 'Gang of Eight' said this trash would not have saved one life at Sandy Hook.

Sandy Hook now has armed security at all K-12 schools. Unfortunately, the Lamestream national Media is reluctant to report it.

rollcall.c om/news/senate_torpedoes_background_check_deal-224103-1.h tml

Delete the spaces in above address.

Posted 368 days ago.


Prices are high everywhere. Please post any 'deals' if you run across any.

Looks like .22 rifle league is going to cost some bucks this year :(

Posted 369 days ago.


Runzo's on 62 at Damascus has in stock:

.22LR, .38/.357, 9mm, .40S&W, and .45 pistol ammunition.

.223 and 7.62 X 39mm rifle ammunition in stock also.

Posted 369 days ago.

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