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22 days ago.
by Kozy62

We need a Change...

Considering "Hope and Change have failed, we need to find our next President from those running against Mr Obama. Even liberal commentators, such as Maureen Dowd are turning against the President as they recognize his lack of ability...


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The question has been: "Can we keep our own Doctor under Obamacare? website has taken some of the mystery out of the controversy. And President Obama and his administration do not fare well in this latest "reality check." Among the questions that HHS recently added to the website: "Can I keep my own doctor?":

"Depending on the plan you choose in the Marketplace, you may or may not be able to keep your current doctor." The bottom line is that Obamacare guarantees neither. Doctors may be only available through certain networks, just as in the current system. And only plans that existed in their current form on March 23, 2010, are even eligible to be "kept." The vast majority of plans will be new, subject to a raft of new regulations, requirements, and restrictions. Now that Health and Human Services has confirmed that the suspicions of Obamacare opponents were justified, the Obama administration will have some explainin

Posted 1041 days ago.

We have strayed from the path our Founders forged 237 years ago. Under the Constitutional Republic they created after the Revolutionary War, the United States has prospered over the centuries beyond the founding generation’s wildest dreams; however, we are wandering further from those very Constitutional principles that enabled us to thrive.

Our Founders developed an ingenious system of checks and balances, which George Washington described as, “though not absolutely perfect, it is one of the best in the world.” This government “by the people, for the people,” empowered the citizenry to select representatives that would unite the nation’s factions while protecting those liberties so many died to defend.

But over the years, power has shifted from the local level to the federal government, where bitter partisanship clogs the mechanisms of that ingenious system by which we might begin to repair.

We need a change...

Posted 1055 days ago.

And now we have close to 10 scandals...

And Obama is leaving for Africa after weekend golf and shutting down our coal producers.

I'm afraid that if we don't find a way to halt his agenda, our country is lost. We need a change!

Posted 1064 days ago.

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP)5/26/13 — A poll finds that President Barack Obama’s job approval ratings are skidding among voters in Ohio, the swing state he carried twice.

The poll released Wednesday by Quinnipiac University indicates that 57 percent of voters disapproved of the way Obama is doing things as president, his lowest grade ever in Ohio.

The poll finds 40 percent approve of Obama’s job performance, with independent voters moving away from the president.

The same poll earlier reported that Republican Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s approval ratings reached a new high.

It was bound to happen and might get even worse with Obama's war on coal.

How did this ever happen?

Posted 1064 days ago.

Now we have six scandals and a spit in your face attitude from this administration...we need a change!!!

Posted 1082 days ago.

The New York Times today reports on President Obama’s frequent travel aboard Air Force One, at a time when government employees are suffering furloughs and budget cuts.

Almost by definition, Mr. Obama lives a life foreign to most Americans, with the big white house and the ushers and chefs and the airplane fueled and ready to go. When he wants a weekend away, he can fly to Florida to golf with Tiger Woods. When his daughters take spring break, they head to Aspen to ski. He winters in Hawaii and summers on Martha’s Vineyard.

But this summer’s trips come as federal employees are tightening their belts. Last Friday, four federal agencies closed down — the Environmental Protection Agency, the Internal Revenue Service, the Department of Housing and Urban Development and even the Office of Management and Budget — as employees were ordered to take the first of several unpaid days off. The Times also reminds readers of President Obama’s expensive upcoming trip to Africa that will cost

Posted 1091 days ago.

Before the scandals became news, 8% more of voters felt that the Democrats were trusted more on ethics and dealing with corruption, now the GOP leads by 2%. Among independents, it was even before the scandals, now the GOP leads by 23%.

Yes and it's too bad the election is over...can we fire them?

Posted 1097 days ago.

WASHINGTON — The president and chief executive officer of The Associated Press on Sunday called the government's secret seizure of two months of reporters' phone records "unconstitutional" and said the news cooperative had not ruled out legal action against the Justice Department.

Gary Pruitt, in his first television interviews since it was revealed the Justice Department subpoenaed phone records of AP reporters and editors, said the move already has had a chilling effect on journalism. Pruitt said the seizure has made sources less willing to talk to AP journalists and, in the long term, could limit Americans' information from all news outlets.

Pruitt told CBS' "Face the Nation" that the government has no business monitoring the AP's newsgathering activities.

"And if they restrict that apparatus ... the people of the United States will only know what the government wants them to know and that's not what the framers of the Constitution had in mind when they

Posted 1101 days ago.

Of course the job is too big for him!

Former Obama campaign adviser David Axelrod on Wednesday defended the president, saying it was "impossible" he could have known about the Internal Revenue Service targeting conservative groups because the government is too big.

“If you look at the Inspector General’s report, apparently some folks down in the bureaucracy, and you know we have a large government, took it upon themselves to shorthand these applications for tax exempt status in a way that was, as I said, idiotic, and also dangerous because of the political implications,” Axelrod said on MSNBC’s "Morning Joe."

So can we please change?

Posted 1104 days ago.

•The White House and State Department have taken vague responsibility for Benghazi mistakes, but neither has produced answers to the most crucial questions, starting with:

Who, exactly, had rejected repeated requests for security upgrades from U.S. officials in Libya? Who, exactly, decided not to attempt a military rescue, an F-16 flyover, a NATO or other allied reaction, something, during the eight-hour assault? Who, exactly, let the task of informing the American people deteriorate into an orgy of tail-covering and lies? And why, exactly, does the president's spokesman still mislead Americans by suggesting that the Central Intelligence Agency, rather than the State Department or White House, drove that process — essentially blaming CIA staffers who did the typing rather than blaming administration officials who told them what to type?

Lies and cover-ups...Obama needs to go!

Posted 1105 days ago.

ABC News reports that the documents were heavily edited by the State Department. And not just edited, but censored: State requested that references to Ansar al-Sharia — tied to al Qaeda — be deleted. It also requested that references to CIA warnings about terror threats in Benghazi in the months preceding the attack be deleted as well.

Huge number of lies and high crimes and we demand a change!!

Posted 1110 days ago.

Republicans, convinced that the American people are being hoodwinked by the Obama administration, have been digging through the doo-doo for eight months. There must be a conspiracy and cover-up.

The White House has scoffed, with the help of the bias media, at this hunt for months. But this week, it's looking like they're the ones standing in the doo-doo — playing politics, it seems, with tragedy.

The administration has long maintained that the now-infamous talking points used by U.N. Amb. Susan Rice on five Sunday talk shows just days after the September 11 attack were the product of the intelligence community. We know the talking points originated in the intelligence community. But the final product itself? No.

ABC News reports that the documents were heavily edited by the State Department. And not just edited, but censored: State requested that references to Ansar al-Sharia — tied to al Qaeda — be deleted. It also requested that references to CIA warnings about terror threat

Posted 1110 days ago.

These are high crimes and Obama should be impeached...

The White House provided the emails to members of the House and Senate intelligence committees for a limited time and with the stipulation that the documents were available for review only and would not be turned over to the committees. The White House and committee leadership agreed to that arrangement as part of a deal that would keep Republican senators from blocking the confirmation of John Brennan, the president’s choice to run the CIA. If the House report provides an accurate and complete depiction of the emails, it is clear that senior administration officials engaged in a wholesale rewriting of intelligence assessments about Benghazi in order to mislead the public.

Posted 1116 days ago.

Obama blames American guns for Mexican deaths: ‘Most of the guns used to commit violence here in Mexico come from the United States’

The president omitted mention of Operation Fast and Furious, his Department of Justice’s program that ‘walked’ thousands of guns across the border.

Obama will lie to anyone at any time. He has not only failed but is an embarrassment and should just resign.

Posted 1117 days ago.

4/23/13: Legislation that would empower states to tax online purchases cleared a key hurdle in the Senate on Monday after winning an enthusiastic endorsement from President Obama.

Stop the madness. Right now thousands upon thousands need jobs and Washington, especially the President, cannot stay away from added taxes.

Posted 1128 days ago.

How do you know the jobs report is a bad one? Well, when CNBC titles their article “US Jobs Creation Plunges, but Rate Drops to 7.6%” while the ticker above it reads “Stocks Tumble 1% after Dismal Jobs Report, Dow Skids 150,” you know it can’t be great. Sure, the unemployment rate fell .1% all the way down to 7.6%, but the US economy only created 88,000 jobs. The dropping unemployment rate is simply an effect of the shrinking size of the labor force.

This is criminal...this President has gone on three vacations and a long fund raising trip while Americans suffer. He should be impeached!

Posted 1146 days ago.

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama’s decision to launch his own political organization has some Democrats wondering: Is he just in it for himself?

Obama’s new group, Organizing for Action, will focus on his policy agenda – not on electing Democratic candidates – by raising unlimited amounts of cash and accessing the president’s secret list of 20 million supporters, volunteers and donors.

Are democrats going to finally see him for what he is? We need a change asap...

Posted 1149 days ago.

The Biblical celebration of Passover was Monday and President Obama gave a message at the White House in honor of the celebration. Of course, being the narcissist he is, he had to mention himself 7 times by using an I statement in a scant 269 word message. That is one mention of himself every 38 words. That ladies and gentlemen, is our Narcissist-In-Chief...

Isn't there something elsewhere that would make him feel more important and he just quit being our President...we need a change!

Posted 1154 days ago.

Tom Coburn

The Senate just passed my budget amendment #412 by a voice vote to end special discounts for political parties at the Post Office. Political entities should not be receiving discounts that deprive the cash-strapped Postal Service of sorely needed revenue.

Thank you Tom...we need so much more but everything helps.

Posted 1159 days ago.

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama came into office four years ago skeptical of pushing the power of the White House to the limit, especially if it appeared to be circumventing Congress.

Now, as he launches his second term, Obama has grown more comfortable wielding power to try to move his own agenda forward.

This has to stop! No American, should want one person with that much has to stop!

Posted 1162 days ago.

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