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1300 days ago.
by Kozy62


We all need to pray for God to heal our land...and we should therefore turn away from our evil eays.


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Please pray for this latest tragedy in Salem.

Posted 1300 days ago.

Pray for our country.

A sign of the times and it has to change: The number of American workers collecting federal disability payments climbed to yet another record high of 8,830,026 in January, up from 8,827,795 in December, according to newly released data from the Social Security Administration.

Posted 1327 days ago.

Pray for the American commercial fisherman...Minutes after New England fishery managers took a vote that cast doubt on the historic industry's future, the prospects most clear to Gloucester fishermen Paul Vitale were his own.

"I'm bankrupt. That's it," said the 40-year-old father of three. "I'm all done. The boat's going up for sale."

The New England Fishery Management Council on Wednesday approved a year-to-year cut of 77% on the Gulf of Maine cod limit and 61% for Georges Bank cod.

The cuts come on top of a slew of other reductions, ranging from 10 to 71%, on the catch of other bottom-dwelling groundfish species, such as haddock and flounder.

Fishermen say now they're staring at industry collapse because they've been left with far too few fish for most boats to make a living.

"We are headed down the wrong course here, of exterminating the inshore fleet, for no good reason," said David Goethel, a New Hampshire fisherman and council member.

Posted 1333 days ago.

Pray that folks wake up and realize, the only answer to "our" mess is to turn to God!

Posted 1349 days ago.

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