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Do you support the coal industry in the United States?

  1. Yes
  2. No
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Jan-15-14 9:02 AM

I'm very sorry about your father.

I do support the coal industry, but I do get very angry when there is a cave-in/explosion as it seems many were preventable and the penalties are small. I know some mine owners used to be very uncaring about their workers and families, and while most I know of locally now treat their workers well, there are still some who would rather make more than protect their workers. I guess that's true in various businesses/companies though. But I would like to see more safeguards enforced in places where the consequences of a problem are big.

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Jan-14-14 2:54 PM

I lost my father to black lung in 1975, just a few months after I got out of the army. I understand the need for coal in communities where the only jobs are coal mining and truck driving and the truck driver jobs get snatched up fast. I wish it were not so. Coal mining is a very tough, dirty, dangerous job. I wish we could take all of the men out of the mines and retrain them. Things are a little better now than back when a widow got two bags of groceries and an eviction notice to get out of the company shack she and her children were living in. I have not seen anything recently on the news about miners being trapped in a cave in but it has not been that long since I did. Still there are other problems with coal. What caused thousands of gallons of a chemical used to clean coal to spill into the water? How dangerous is the chemical? And why didn't anyone catch the problem sooner? Those who think the regulations are too tight might want to ask those questions.

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Jan-14-14 7:49 AM

"What is your opinion of someone who is actively working to destroy the coal industry?" In 2014 I stopped having any political views. Support Coal it's plant life that evolved into coal.

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Jan-13-14 5:53 PM

If you can not support American Coal you can not support anything.

This should not even be a question.

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Jan-13-14 5:50 PM

That's a fact Jack!

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Jan-13-14 4:07 PM

Why complain 90% of us support the industry. That's 90% more then support Congress.

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Jan-13-14 1:52 PM

It's unnerving to think how many regions relying on the coal industry will become economic disaster areas if Obummer is successful. Tens of millions of Americans will pay much more for electricity.

Tens of thousands of businesses and industries providing good jobs will suffer dramatic results from it and that is spooky in itself.

Obummer is intelligent enough to understand that, the data was hand delivered to last week and he is very aware of it. But he has made it clear he plans to plow forward in his war on coal.

Obviously, he just simply doesn't care about the casualties and that is frightening. His way or the highway. Right or wrong means nothing to that moron. It's like a vendetta with him and he never wants to be proven wrong.

But hey, those 9% that are blind to his BS will suffer the consequences of their support for him right along with the rest of us.

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Jan-13-14 1:03 PM

One way or the other, we are all supporting the coal industry. Its just a matter of whether we purchase goods/services created with coal or we pay taxes that will be used to support ex-coalworkers forced into welfare.

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Jan-13-14 9:11 AM

I bet the people who answer no still indirectly do when they purchase certain things, but they likely don't even know it.

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