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Will you watch Saturday's Grande Parade in Salem?

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Aug-08-14 12:03 PM

and make the rightful party pay for it through insurance. It should have been a battle between the insurance companies. It was not our responsibility as taxpayers to pay for who would have been responsible. That meaning it was NOT the city’s either. But no, our city officials have to get involved and drag this out. The city created this tangled web.

If they wouldn't have screwed this up, by now the State Fire Marshall could have already declared that building unsafe and it would have been taken down a long time ago. Avoiding all these costs now inflicted upon the taxpayers. This has been NOTHING but a blatant waste of tax dollars and I am sorry to say it, our city officials SCREWED UP and now that incident is now at a stage of imminent danger to the public.

The city just made this worse and that is just my two cents.

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Aug-08-14 12:03 PM

Tanfastic? Why not the Butler?

This is exactly what happens when city official’s butt into business they shouldn't have butted into in the first place and treated both owners equally because of that common wall.

But no, they had to choose a side and that was a big mistake and costly.

All the city had to do was remain neutral and act on only one thing and one thing alone when they butted into this battle between these two owners. Public safety and went after both owners.

The second that fire department inspected those two buildings and declared it was a public safety threat they city should have acted against both. Both owners should have been fined or ordered to do those repairs. Both of these owners have insurance and one of them could have taken the initiative then to fix and stop all that damage that now has occurred after all this time. Both owners could have fought it out in court, WHO WAS RESPONSIBLE for those repairs LATER...

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Aug-07-14 11:21 AM

Absolutely right. It's dragged on WAAY too long.

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Aug-07-14 9:52 AM

The same thing the last 3 where .

They promise to fix or find a solution and nothing happens

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Aug-07-14 7:49 AM

There's another court date? What's this one for?

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Aug-07-14 6:48 AM

This has gone on way to long. It is time to get a Judge involved and get a court order to have this place razed. Someone is going to get injured or worse yet killed. There is a definite immanent public danger here and something needs done sooner rather than later. At this point it just needs taken care of and fight it out who is going to pay for it later. The sad thing is there are other buildings in the downtown that are in almost as bad of shape. If people don't start taking care of them they will all fall on their own. Like this one is about to do!!!

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Aug-07-14 6:30 AM

Court date Sept. 18 How many is this now ?

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Aug-07-14 6:28 AM

Gee whiz ! After 6 yrs. of dodging and stalling . The problem has finally come home and guess whose going to pay for it,

The scaffolding has been up 2yrs. The side walk and parking in the area is closed. Whats next ?

Maybe instead of being nice the issue should have resolved yrs .ago .

But action was put off with promises that never paned out. " To Fix It "

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Aug-07-14 5:05 AM

Wait a minute. Parade won't be allowed to go down the street due to imminent danger, but the sidewalk is still open? Cars can park there? Trucks can still rumble down the street in front of it? Can we say foolish? Shortsighted? Opening the door to lawsuits even wider if something happens? Goodbye Salem if something does. (If they're filling in the kiddie pool, I know where they can get some free concrete shortly)

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Aug-07-14 4:52 AM

Yes, if I can figure out what the new route will be. Planned on watching it on State St.

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