Corvettes bring unique style to Super Cruise

SALEM –The Mahoning Valley Corvette Club are in the first year of its partnership with the Salem Super Cruise and are bringing its style to the event.

“We’ve put on a lot of car shows and when we do it we like to make it the best for people that enjoy cars,” MCCC member Jason Mauro said. “The obstacle coming into this was taking on a city and maximizing the space that we have.”

The MCCC usually hosts car shows and events at car lots with a big venue such as Greenwood Chevrolet in Austintown.

“Luckily when you have a club that was formed in 1962 the pedigree knows how to put on car shows,” Mauro said. “We were able to put people throughout the city. We have DJs in the Timberlanes lot, Second Street lot, church parking lots and businesses that were very gracious in letting us use their lots. We have volunteers throughout the city that have been helping this run smoothly.”

DJ Big Rick is in the Timberlanes lot and DJ John Thomas spins in the Second Street muni lot accompanied by the “Daddy’s Nightmare” Monster Truck in the lot. The SOBOS Band performed on the Broadway Stage from 7-10 p.m along with food and game vendors spread throughout the city of Salem.

The obstacles coming in have been finding spots for the cars to be displayed and parking spread out throughout the city but the city support has helped find that space for all the classic cars that were drew in by the event.

The MCCC have partnered with the Second Harvest Food Bank for this year’s event.

“The previous group (Arby’s Cruisin Crew) that partnered with the Cruise was non-profit so this year we decided to partner with the Second Harvest Food Bank,” Mauro said. “We wanted to continue that trend and get as much food donations as possible.”

Business support has been a big part of helping the Super Cruise run smoothly this year.

“We are able to maximize our space because of all the support we get not just the city of Salem but the counties Mahoning, Shenango and surrounding areas to come down here to the city of Salem,” Mauro said.

Working with the city of Salem has been a joy for the MCCC.

“I can’t say enough about the Salem Police, Mayor Berlin, and Ken Kenst who have been helping us maximize this space,” Mauro said. “Places like Papa Johns have been feeding the workers in the city because they are working hard and they are keeping this under control making it a lot easier.”

Mauro said it was all positivity along the way up to this weekend from when they started organizing back in October.

“I want to thank everybody involved in this,” Mauro said. “We’ve been working diligently on this since October and there has been no push back at all. We have not had one negative review about this. The best thing about this is that it is local people doing how we want to do it locally.”

The Salem Super Cruise runs through Sunday and the MCCC already have plans for the future of the event.

“I want to see how we can maximize this space,” Mauro said. “I can speak for the club saying we can’t wait to make this event bigger when we do it again.”


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