Stingray gets better with age

SALEM–When you think of a car that had been sitting outside for 40 years you might not want to take on the task of restoration but Brian Bair of Linesville, Pennsylvnia saw a treasure when he got his Stingray C2.

“It’s the nostalgia of how this car had survived 40 years of life,” Bair said. “You think back 40 years and see this today it is amazing. It’s almost like a fine wine.”

Don’t let the look fool you because it’s a powerful car that Bair drives regularly.

“I drive it about 500 miles a year,” Bair said. “It’s a relaxing ride. Sometimes I’ll be driving with my wife and I look over to see that she’s sleeping.”

The car sat outside somewhere on the south side of Michigan from 1971 to 1983 before residing under a pine tree in Conneaut, Ohio from 1983-2011.

Bair’s nephew inherited the car in 2011. His wife was a friend of Bair that he had done favors for throughout the years.

“When they got the car we were the first person they called,” Bair said. “It’s funny how favors from 20 years ago can come back and help you out.”

The car still has the original motor and body because he wanted to display the proud history of the car.

“You could replace everything and make it look all new but you think this car has been outside for 40 years. That’s older than a lot of people,” Bair said. “There is not many original cars like this anymore and you can’t replace something like that. We didn’t want to put anything shiny back on this unless we had too.”

This was Bair’s first year displaying at the Super Cruise and he has thoroughly enjoyed the event.

“For a full town to get behind this event is fabulous.” Bair said. “Everywhere I go I get looks on it. It’s the vintage look and this is a vet from the classic years. We have small events near where I live but nothing like this.”

Bair is an experienced Corvette collector as he owns Bair’s Corvettes out of Linesville, Pennsylvania. He has been in business since 1970.

“We ship stuff all over the world and restore Corvettes,” Bair said. “This is what I really enjoy to do.”


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