OVAC gets a fresh champ in Beaver

WHEELING, W.Va. — Beaver Local reigned supreme with the help of its youngest team members on Saturday at the 66th Ron Mauck Ohio Valley Athletic Conference Wrestling Championships at WesBanco Arena.

Riding a wave of a school-record four individual titlists — including three freshmen — at the meet, the Beavers broke Parkersburg South’s five-year hold on the overall championship. It was the second overall title for the Beavers with the first coming in 2003.

“I’m proud of our kids, this is a big stage and Parkersburg South is a great team, you have to respond to adversity and win tight matches to give yourself a chance to win,” Beaver Local coach Jordan Williams said. “Our kids did that, they got bonus points when they could, and never let up. These are special kids, this is a special team.”

Parkersburg South is considered one of the best teams in the country with a current ranking of 38 in the Intermat High School Rankings.

Winning titles for the champions were Jaymin Salsberry (106 pounds), Logan Ours (120), Brenden Severs (160) and Beau Smith (170). All but Smith, who’s committed to NCAA D-I Edinboro, are freshmen. Ours was also named the Hercules Award winner with the most pins in the least amount of time in the championship bracket. He pinned his way to his title over Meadowbrook’s Terry Gatrell in 5:58.

“Our kids came ready to compete,” Williams said as the Beavers won 9 of 10 semifinal matches. “They wrestled great and showed a lot of grit and a lot of toughness. They wanted this (tournament championship) and they went out and took it.”

Beaver Local, who also claimed the Class 4A title, scored 303 points to Parkersburg South’s 243. South had won eight of the last nine overall titles since joining the OVAC.

Salsberry started the championship finals off right for the Beavers with a pin of John Marshall’s Carl Cochran in 1:10 in his championship final.

Severs had his hand raised in his final after defeating Steubenville’s Ethan Pappas, 7-5.

Smith, who had two OVAC runner-up finishes to his name, won his first OVAC crown in his decorated career by topping Bridgeport’s Santino Kusic with a 7-5 sudden victory.

“Our guys are having a lot of success right now and it has a lot to do with the way they prepare and support each other,” Williams said. “These kids understand what it takes to be champions and they do what it takes. “

Beaver Local wasn’t the only area team boasting champions.

In an all-local affair in the 113-pound final, East Liverpool’s Howard Williams beat Oak Glen’s Shawn Moore with a 6-4 sudden victory to earn his second OVAC title in as many tries. He was first at 106 as a freshman.

West Virginia University recruit and Oak Glen junior Peyton Hall returned to the top of the OVAC podium as he pinned Steubenville’s Jacson Muldrew in 3:30 to claim the 138-pound championship. Hall was a champion as a freshman and a runner-up as a sophomore.


• Steubenville’s Peyton Blasko won the Bierkortte Award for the Most Outstanding Wrestler as he scored a 6-5, ultimate-tiebreaker win over Beaver Local’s two-time champion Cole McComas in the 126 pound class.

Blasko, a senior, had lost his three previous meetings with McComas including a loss in the 120-pound OVAC final last season.

McComas, a top-seeded junior who is also a two-time Ohio Division II state runnerup, dropped to 23-5.

“I knew I just had to keep doing what I do in the (wrestling) room and that’s finish the match,” Blasko said of hanging on at the end. “I knew he was gassing in the third, so I just kept trying to push the pace. I threw the boot in and then added my power-half and got his hand across his head. That’s when I knew I had the match won.”

• Steubenville’s Anthony Rice, 29-2, won his second straight title with a 9-4 nod over Beaver Local’s Logan Krulik in the 152-pound final. He is ranked No. 1 in Division II in the Buckeye State.

¯ Beaver Local’s Skyler Lasure enjoyed his weekend as he earned his 100th career win early Saturday before falling to Parkersburg South’s Brayden Roberts by a 1-0 count in the 145-pound final.

• Beaver Local’s Jonathan Potts advanced to the 132-pound final as a No. 3 seed but fell to top-seeded Jacob Simpson of University with a 6-4 sudden victory.

• Beaver Local’s Daniel Wirth suffered a 9-1 major-decision loss to Parkersburg South’s Louden Haga in the heavyweight title.

• Mark Emmerling, a four-time OVAC tournament champion at East Liverpool, saw his son Mark Emmerling Jr.. finish fifth at 113 pounds for Beaver Local on Saturday. The junior Emmerling is the first son or daughter of a four-time OVAC champion to wrestle at the tournament.

• Parkersburg South’s Samantha Miller was the first female wrestler in OVAC tournament history to advance to the championship quarterfinal round on Friday. Miller failed to place however.

Other area placers


• Jared Wright, fourth, 138

• Garrett Givens, fourth, 220


• Skylor Wooley, third, 220


• Camden Barr, eighth, 106

¯Jonathan Creese, fifth, 145


• Dylan Milhoan, fourth, 152

• Hunter Morris, fourth, 182

• Sam Lowe, eighth, 195


• Jason Tice, eighth, 126

• Justin Sarge, eighth, 145


• Derek Houser, fifth, 126


66th OVAC Ron Mauck Wrestling Championships

WesBanco Arena

TEAM STANDINGS: 1. Beaver Local 303, 2. Parkersburg South 243, 3. Steubenville 214.5, 4. Wheeling Park 171, 5. John Marshall 154.5, 6. St. Clairsville 120, 7. Oak Glen 111, 8. University 109.5, 9. East Liverpool 87.5, 10. Barnesville 80, 11. Cambridge 68, 12. Weir 66, 13. Martins Ferry 65, 14. Bridgeport 62, 15. Buckeye Local 61, 16. Harrison Central 59.5, 17. Caldwell 58, 18. Southern Local 56.5, 19. Shenandoah 55, 20. Madonna 53.5, 21. Brooke 49, 22. Cameron 48, 23. Meadowbrook 46.5, 24. Magnolia 46, 25. Indian Creek 44, 26. Crestview 39, 27. Bellaire 37, 28. Toronto 26, Wellsville 26, 30. Union Local 24, 31. Edison 21, Morgantown 21, 33. Linsly 17, 34. Paden City 11, 35. Beallsville 10, River 10, 37. Fort Frye 9, 38. Steubenville Catholic Central 7, 39. Shadyside 0.


5A: Parkersburg South

4A: Beaver Local

3A: Barnesville

1/2A: Bridgeport

Saturday’s Finals


SEVENTH PLACE: 3 Danny Yost (BRK) def 11 Camden Barr (OG), Fall 0:49

FIFTH PLACE: 5 Jarrett Stillion (MEAD) def 7 Cody Taggart (WP), Dec 2-0

THIRD PLACE: 6 Griffen Stephen (BARN) def 1 Alex Overly (SHEN), Dec 3-2

CHAMPIONSHIP: 2 Jaymin Salsberry (BVL) def 4 Carl Cochran (JM), Fall 1:10


SEVENTH PLACE: 6 Devin Easton (PS) def 9 Gabe Carman (JM), Fall 0:42

FIFTH PLACE: 7 Mark Emmerling Jr. (BVL) def 2 Jace Stockett (UNIV), Dec 5-3 SV

THIRD PLACE: 4 Nate Shelek (WP) def 5 Marshal Niswonger (CALD), Dec 7-2

CHAMPIONSHIP: 1 Howard Williams (EL) def 3 Shawn Moore (OG), Dec 6-4 SV


SEVENTH PLACE: 5 Matthew Simpson (UNIV) def 8 Joseph Bonfini (BELL), Dec 9-3

FIFTH PLACE: 9 Maison Richardson (WP) def 7 Ethan Gray (JM), Dec 3-2

THIRD PLACE: 2 Koen Kish (STC) def 4 Brayden Johnson (PS), Dec 3-1

CHAMPIONSHIP: 1 Logan Ours (BVL) def 3 Terry Gatrell (MEAD), Fall 5:28


SEVENTH PLACE: 7 Wyatt Conley (WEIR) def 10 Jason Tice (WELL), Dec 5-3

FIFTH PLACE: 6 Derek Houser (CV) def 3 Jake Staud (UNIV) Forf

THIRD PLACE: 4 Tucker Windland (PS) def 9 Aubrey Antill (CAMB), M-Dec 11-2

CHAMPIONSHIP: 2 Peyton Blasko (STEUB) def 1 Cole McComas (BVL), Dec 6-5 UT


SEVENTH PLACE: 9 Canon Welker (WP) def 5 Hayden Johnson (ED), Dec 7-3

FIFTH PLACE: 10 Austin Love (JM) def 8 Caden Stout (STC), Dec 12-10

THIRD PLACE: 4 Brian Palmer Jr. (BL) def 2 Tyler Muldrew (STEUB) Forf

CHAMPIONSHIP: 1 Jacob Simpson (UNIV) def 3 Jonathan Potts (BVL), Dec 6-4 SV


SEVENTH PLACE: 12 Austin DaRe (STC) def 11 Garrett Dozier (TOR), Dec 5-0

FIFTH PLACE: 5 Stevie Mitchell (WP) def 6 Collin Wiley (CALD), Dec 5-2

THIRD PLACE: 4 Gavin Quiocho (PS) def 3 Jared Wright (BVL), M-Dec 9-1

CHAMPIONSHIP: 1 Peyton Hall (OG) def 2 Jacson Muldrew (STEUB), Fall 3:30


SEVENTH PLACE: 6 Zane Minella (STEUB) def 11 Justin Sarge (WELL) Forf

FIFTH PLACE: 5 Jonathan Creese (OG) def 7 Christopher Helms (WEIR), Dec 8-1

THIRD PLACE: 2 Alec Cook (MAD) def 4 Andrew Shelek (WP), Dec 3-2

CHAMPIONSHIP: 1 Brayden Roberts (PS) def 3 Skyler Lasure (BVL), Dec 1-0


SEVENTH PLACE: 6 Mitch Wukelic (IC) def 11 Cooper Kerns (CAMB), Dec 8-6 SV

FIFTH PLACE: 7 Braeden Pauley (UNIV) def 3 Billy Gooch (WP), Dec 1-0

THIRD PLACE: 4 Mikey Shamblin (PS) def 5 Dylan Milhoan (SL), Dec 3-0

CHAMPIONSHIP: 1 Anthony Rice (STEUB) def 2 Logan Krulik (BVL), Dec 9-4


SEVENTH PLACE: 12 Reese Wills (WEIR) def 6 Cody Albaugh (BELL), Dec 8-5

FIFTH PLACE: 9 Max Camilletti (BRK) def 7 Hunter Nixon (WP), Fall 4:46

THIRD PLACE: 1 Zane Hinzman (PS) def 3 Mason Kuneff (BPT), Dec 5-1

CHAMPIONSHIP: 2 Brenden Severs (BVL) def 4 Ethan Pappas (STEUB), Dec 7-5


SEVENTH PLACE: 7 Charles Smith (BL) def 4 Brandon Kinney (STEUB), Dec 5-4

FIFTH PLACE: 9 Reese Skaggs (STC) def 5 Jeremiah Timberlake (WP), Dec 5-3

THIRD PLACE: 6 Jacob Berisford (JM) def 3 Ian Bush (CAM), Dec 3-2 UT

CHAMPIONSHIP: 1 Beau Smith (BVL) def 2 Santino Kusic (BPT), Dec 7-5 SV


SEVENTH PLACE: 4 James Stillwagoner (MAG) def Shayne Christian (BL), Fall 2:08

FIFTH PLACE: 11 Richard McFarland (MF) def 12 Blayne Erwin (HC) Forf

THIRD PLACE: 3 Brylan Clouse (BARN) def 6 Hunter Morris (SL), M-Dec 9-1

CHAMPIONSHIP: 1 Anthony Carman (JM) def 2 David Tuttle (STEUB), M-Dec 9-1


SEVENTH PLACE: 6 Jermain Snodgrass (WP) def 7 Sam Lowe (SL), Dec 7-6

FIFTH PLACE: 3 Keith Bodnar (STEUB) def 11 Josh Croft (HC), Dec 8-1

THIRD PLACE: 5 Drake Dobson (MF) def 4 Derek Witsberger (STC), Dec 1-0

CHAMPIONSHIP: 1 Garrett Cook (MAD) def 2 Donavan Kirby (WEIR), Dec 2-1


SEVENTH PLACE: 7 Dalton Rice (SHEN) def 8 Zac Cesario (BL), Dec 7-5 SV

FIFTH PLACE: 5 Justice McCamick (STC) def 2 Bradlee Clark (JM) Forf

THIRD PLACE: 4 Skylor Wooley (EL) def 6 Garrett Givens (BVL), Dec 2-1

CHAMPIONSHIP: 1 Braxton Amos (PS) def 3 Dylan Wood (WP), M-Dec 12-4


SEVENTH PLACE: 8 Brady Williams (JM) def 3 Donte Lewis (MF), Dec 3-2

FIFTH PLACE: 4 Emanual Ware (STEUB) def 5 Easton Hitchens (SHEN), Dec 4-1 TB2

THIRD PLACE: 10 Cody Gamble (HC) def 11 Mikey Hamrick (MAG), Fall 4:14

CHAMPIONSHIP: 1 Louden Haga (PS) def 2 Daniel Wirth (BVL), M-Dec 9-1