Fall sports decision left up to schools

OHSAA?interim executive director says main objective is having a falls sports season

YOUNGSTOWN – Interim Executive Director of the OHSAA Bob Goldring said Tuesday that it will be up to the individual schools whether to play the regular seasons for fall sports.

Goldring said OHSAA controls the postseason tournaments, not the regular season.

“We really feel that it is the school’s decision on whether they will have sports or not,” Goldring said. “Just like every other extra-curricular activity. We do not think it is the OHSAA’s place to say yay or nay to sports. Our main focus as you know is on our tournaments.”

He also said the organization will continue to take guidance from the governor’s office for recommendations on fall sports.

The governor’s office could also rule on postponing the season, canceling the season, or having just non-contact sports.

Goldring also said he and the Board of Directors have discussed several options for the fall, including pushing back tournaments and possibly moving them to the spring.

“Our main objective on July 14 is to move forward with fall sports as scheduled,” Goldring said

“Would we consider options?” Goldring said. “Naive to say no.”

Goldring also discussed a hypothetical situation in which just non-contact sports are allowed in the fall, potentially moving some non-contact spring sports to the fall.

When asked if the OHSAA needed football to be fiscally stable, Goldring said losing the season from a fiscal standpoint is something that has been discussed frequently since he has taken over.

He said that staff and potentially sports could be cut.

“It is a scary situation that we are facing,” Goldring said.


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