Warriors relay the message at Reserve

BERLIN CENTER — The West Branch girls were first and the boys second at the Western Reserve Relays on Thursday.

The Warrior girls won six running events to run away with the team title with 107 points. Mineral Ridge had 92 points and Howland 72.

West Branch winners included Alexa Gossett, Maria Manley, Haley Foor and Alexis Gregory in the 4×100 shuttle hurdles (1:13.62); Alexa Gossett, Kennedy Berger, Zoe Sanders and Alexis Gregory in the 4×100 relay (53.08); Lauren Gossett, Sophia Gregory, Kennedy Berger and Anna Lippiatt in the 4×200 relay (1:49.78); Alexis Gregory, Zoe Sanders, Lauren Gossett, Alexa Gossett in the 800 sprint medley (2:03.57); Sophia Gregory, Emily Sprowl, Kennedy Berger, Anna Lippiatt in the 4×400 relay (4:19.38); and Claire Brunner, Abbey Wilson, Amanda Davidson and Niah Muniz in the 4×100 ironwoman relay (60.70.)

West Branch’s Claire Brunner also was the top individual in the high jump (4-8).

The Mineral Ridge boys won five of the first seven running events on the way to the team title with 99 points. West Branch followed with 83 and Lowellville 81.

West Branch boys winners were Justin Cederbloom, Michael Dorris, Josiah Hicks and Logan Citino in the 4×1600 relay (19:59.07) and David McKeiver in the long jump (20-1 1/2).


TEAM STANDINGS: 1. Mineral Ridge (99), 2. West Branch (83), 3. Lowellville (81), 4. Ravenna Southeast (65), 5. Howland (57), 6. Western Reserve (49), 7. Jackson-Milton (36), 8. Newton Falls (18).


4×1600 RELAY: West Branch (Justin Cederbloom, Michael Dorris, Josiah Hicks, Logan Citino) 19:59.07.

4×110 SHUTTLE HURDLES: Mineral Ridge (Mason Miller, Randall Miller, Austin Governor, Triston Weiss) 1:03.39.

4×100 RELAY: Mineral Ridge (Isiah Kelly, Triston Weiss, Randall Miller, Austin Governor) 45.46 (meet record).

DISTANCE MEDLEY: Mineral Ridge (Elias Clarke, Ray Pagan, Timmy Pappagallo, Nathan Kurjan) 11;57.64.

4×200 RELAY: Lowellville (Braylen Dabney, Vinny Ballone, Jim Clinton, Kenton Peterson) 1:39.32.

4×800 RELAY: Mineral Ridge (Brock Cowles, Elias Clarke, Timmy Pappagallo, Nathan Kurjan) 9:16.42.

800 SPRINT MEDLEY: Mineral Ridge (Mason Miller, Ranall Miller, Triston Weiss, Austin Governor) 1:45.37.

4×400 RELAY: Lowellville (Kenton Peterson, Vinny Ballone, Jim Clinton, Billy Novak) 3:50.70.

4×100 IRONMAN RELAY: Ravenna Southeast (Calvin Parks, J.C. Stiles, Brandon Levit, Caden Bailey) 53.46.

DISCUS: Clayton Butler (Mineral Ridge) 129-4.

SHOT PUT: T.H. Hively (Western Reserve) 40-6 1/2.

LONG JUMP: David McKeiver (West Branch) 20-1 1/2.

HIGH JUMP: Triston Weiss (Mineral Ridge) 6-0.



TEAM STANDINGS: 1. West Branch (107), 2. Mineral Ridge (92), 3. Howland (72), 4. Ravenna Southeast (67), 5. Western Reserve (65), 6. Newton Falls (29), 7. Jackson-Milton (16).


4×1600 RELAY: Howland (Alyssa Henry, Haylee Adgate, Kennedi Hause, McKenzie Maiorano) 26:37.37.

4×100 SHUTTLE HURDLES: West Branch (Alexa Gossett, Maria Manley, Haley Foor, Alexis Gregory) 1:13.62.

4×100 RELAY: West Branch (Alexa Gossett, Kennedy Berger, Zoe Sanders, Alexis Gregory) 53.08.

DISTANCE MEDLEY: Mineral Ridge (Danielle Aulet, Samantha Aulet, Sylvia Taw, Riley Cowles) 14:17.04.

4×200 RELAY: West Branch (Lauren Gossett, Sophia Gregory, Kennedy Berger, Anna Lippiatt) 1:49.78.

4×800 RELAY: Mineral Ridge (Sylvia Traw, Olivia Jackson, Riley Cowles, Grace Miller) 11:16.83.

800 SPRINT MEDLEY: West Branch (Alexis Gregory, Zoe Sanders, Lauren Gossett, Alexa Gossett) 2:03.57.

4×400 RELAY: West Branch (Sophia Gregory, Emily Sprowl, Kennedy Berger, Anna Lippiatt) 4:19.38.

4×100 IRONWOMAN RELAY: West Branch (Claire Brunner, Abbey Wilson, Amanda Davidson, Niah Muniz) 60.70.

DISCUS: Emma Rich (Mineral Ridge) 104-3.

SHOT PUT: Emma Rich (Mineral Ridge) 37-3.

LONG JUMP: Katelyn Lesko (Mineral Ridge) 14-8 3/4.

HIGH JUMP: Claire Brunner (West Branch) 4-8.


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